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Quorum was not achieved, these are rough notes from IRC.

(18:38:26) rj_ren [[]] entered the room.
(19:11:44) rj_ren: Do we have an agenda?  This one is for last month.
(19:11:44) rj_ren:
(19:30:30) mcr: hi?
(19:30:37) wardi: hello
(19:30:38) mcr: sorry. did we get quorum?
(19:30:46) mcr: I haven't read email since this morning.
(19:31:05) mcr: what topics do we have?
(19:31:11) mcr: I have an update on Ottawa U event.
(19:31:25) mcr: but, we need Tyler/Margaret to make quorum.
(19:33:38) wardi: I can try calling them
(19:33:53) rj_ren: John can't attend (In case you didn't see the email)
(19:37:43) wardi: no answer at the three numbers I have
(19:38:14) wardi: left a message at their house
(19:39:51) mcr: hi.
(19:40:14) mcr: let's wait ten minutes, and then, if we get nothing, we can chat informally.
(19:40:15) mcr:  
(19:45:37) mcr: hi.
(19:46:35) mcr: okay... so the update I got from cssa-aei is that they are good for doing something at the end of April, they do not have a suggestion for a better date.
(19:46:41) mcr: They think we get 10-20 people out.
(19:46:56) mcr: I was hoping for 30-40 over the course of 6-7 hours of hanging out.
(19:47:47) mcr: Chris, at least, isn't into pub crawls or social events. I suggested that they might want to line this up to be after all the CS exams, and to leave from the "installfest" to go to a pub-crawl/end-of-exams kind of thing, but he had zero interest.
(19:47:55) mcr: (hey... maybe it's just me that wants to do that...)
(19:48:05) mcr: (of course, I'm trying to get tickets to Lady Gaga...)
(19:48:27) mcr: do we want to go ahead with this, as an event?
(19:50:50) wardi: I wont be able to help with this one.  so is it an installfest?
(19:51:39) mcr: kinda.
(19:51:53) wardi: or just a gathering of interested cssa folks
(19:52:27) mcr: it's more of an installfest... laptop/wireless/campus-access focused, rather than being about tower cases and ADSL.
(19:53:22) rj_ren: AFAIK, I can attend.  FWIW
(19:53:29) wardi: someone knows how to get on their wireless, hopefully
(19:54:37) mcr: the idea is that we'd have *WIRED* to let us download stuff, and have an open access point to test that part.
(19:55:01) mcr: if we can get CS students a) interested, b) clueful about what is required
(19:55:12) wardi: sounds useful
(19:55:21) mcr: then we have 30-40 volunteers to help run an event in the fall that targets general population of students.
(19:58:06) wardi: does anyone know how to deal with the more difficult wireless adaptors?
(19:58:53) mcr: I'm hoping to recruit people next week to help.
(19:59:04) mcr: they needn't be present: we could have them in IRC as well.
(19:59:28) wardi: it sounds like a very good thing to me, even if only 10-20 come out
(20:00:29) rj_ren: Yes, it sounds good.
(20:00:39) mcr: okay. good.
(20:00:47) mcr: next... ? are set for March?
(20:01:06) mcr: Will the web site put a page saying "Meeting" if there isn't yet a topic confirmed?
(20:01:42) mcr: I'm just wondering if we shouldn't put in an empty page for each upcoming meeting.... people complained to me that they didn't know if the meeting was still on.
(20:02:12) rj_ren: Current talks for March meeting
(20:02:12) rj_ren: - Marcus Leech - SETI		      30
(20:02:12) rj_ren: - Alan German	 - Wine Appreciation  30 - 45
(20:02:12) rj_ren: - Robert Bernier - PostgreSQL	      30 - 45
(20:02:15) wardi: I think roland has put up "unconfirmed topic" meetings before
(20:02:16) mcr: OCLUG meets on the first Tuesday of every month at 7pm
(20:02:44) wardi: great, it just needs to be posted
(20:02:56) wardi: I've been recruitedto give a talk at os bootcamp this year
(20:02:57) mcr: we do save that above the events, but I guess people don't read that.
(20:03:09) mcr: when is OS BootCamp... where?
(20:03:20) mcr: can we just do two speakers?
(20:03:35) wardi: I think it has been renamed
(20:04:03) wardi:
(20:05:50) rj_ren: It looks like the conversation has moved on while I was typing the following.
(20:05:50) rj_ren: It seems difficult to a) get speakers, b) get them to send me details
(20:05:50) rj_ren: of what they want to talk about and for how long.
(20:05:50) rj_ren: That's the main reason that the page doesn't get put up until quite
(20:05:50) rj_ren: late in the month.
(20:05:51) rj_ren: I have enough info to put up a page now.  I'll be doing it soon.
(20:07:36) wardi: rj_ren: I know that can be annoyinh
(20:08:03) mcr: I'm not complaining that it takes time to get the info, I'm just wondering if we can put up a placeholder?
(20:08:09) wardi: maybe posting some vague description early is better than waiting, though
(20:08:28) mcr: "possible speaker topics coming include: .." and not mention names.
(20:08:29) rj_ren: Placeholder sounds reasonable.  I'll do it in the future.
(20:08:53) mcr: summercamp2009, in May... sounds like the weekend before the long weekend, i.e. mothers day weekend.
(20:08:59) wardi: or even your "we need talks for this meeting" a couple in advance
(20:09:23) mcr: worth announcing at the next meeting, and we should ask them for flyers for April, May, and the "installfest"
(20:09:55) wardi: I can do that
(20:10:36) wardi: (ask for flyers.. don't know if I can be at the next meetign to announce)
(20:16:24) mcr: recent email from facebook: Subject: Michael Richardson requested to join the group "Michael Richardson R us"
(20:16:35) mcr: cool, please ask for flyers then!
(20:18:31) rj_ren: Bernier only contacted me today about speaking.  I don't yet have
(20:18:31) rj_ren: a confirmation on topic detail.
(20:18:31) rj_ren: He only said "I can do literally anything on PostgreSQL."
(20:18:31) rj_ren: We could have only 2 speakers to postpone Bernier until future date
(20:18:31) rj_ren: but meeting would be a bit short.
(20:18:32) mcr: anything else?
(20:18:32) rj_ren: Mike, you want to talk about RSS or "how to give a talk"?
(20:18:43) mcr: please postpone him.
(20:18:51) mcr: let's stick with 2, can we?
(20:19:04) mcr: it works much better, no rush, and people can ask questions, etc.
(20:19:23) mcr: I can do rss or "how to give a talk", at any point, at the last minute, if necessary.
(20:20:02) rj_ren: Ok, only 2 speakers.  I'll tell him we're full this month.
(20:20:02) rj_ren: BTW: John Nash won't be attending.  We'll need an MC.
(20:20:09) mcr: yup.
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