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  • Bruce Davis (x)
  • Brett Delmage (x)
  • Ian Gorman (x)
  • Marc Moleman (x)
  • Scott Murphy (x)
  • John Nash (x)
  • Tug Wiliams (x)



Start time:

  • Time: 19:15
  • Call to order: Bruce
  • Second: Marc


  • Change of venue!

Brett has requested we do a video conference this time to see if we get through the agenda in a more timely manner.

The URL will be:

I will also post it to slack so that if anyone happens to go there by default, the URL will be present.

Review of any outstanding minutes

  • Approval of previous minutes.
  • Motion to accept: Scott
  • Second: Marc

Regular Agenda Items

Committee Reports

New to Linux

  • Still on this topic. I am not positive we came to a decision, but it looked like the consensus (based on looking at the slack history) was to keep things the way we are doing it:
  • New2Linux Topic
  • More advanced topic
  • A third topic if all are short
    • Vote on acceptance of above: unanimous
  • Upcoming presentation:
  • [nashjc] I got a GSoC student funded. So WINE not prepared, but with student who is new2Linux, I have been showing him Linux and terminal. So I propose to talk about how to copy/paste.And also TEE and some other things. Suggest I do that. OK. WIll prepare about 5-6 slides on that with examples'
  • [Brett Delmage] also script maybe?
  • [nashjc] Actually how to RUN a script.
  • [Brett Delmage] goof for a new person to study what they did
  • [Ian Gorman] simple scripts
  • [nashjc] PIPE or TYPE. My student needed to know ./nameofprogram to get local program not in PATH

Linux-Ottawa Distro Project

  • I think we have parked this until we get a few dedicated bodies for the project.
  • Can we confirm this?
  • Discussion of the best ways to encourage people to use the new distro
  • Whether getting rid of existing OS and starting with a new OS, putting an image on something like a raspberry pi, or virtual machine.
    • Virtual image seems to be the preferred option
  • Console vs. GUI and the intimidation factor
  • Possibility of coming up with use cases
  • Explore the possibility of an image they can “play” with.
  • Privacy and security?
  • Turned into a discussion about why turn to Linux - this is to be tabled to an offline discussion.
  • Participants: John and Scott as core participants
  • Timeline: for next board meeting

Treasurer's Report

  • Deferred until we get the bank account unlocked. How is that going Ian?
  • There has been no activity as far as I am aware since I have not signed any cheques and I doubt John or Ian have either John and Ian to confirm.
  • Scott still hasn't gotten one of his reimbursements
  • Two people need to go into bank and reset the online account so that we can log in. Probably in the middle of the month.

Mailing List

  • I talked with Brett and we removed a check to see if that fixes things with the Google server(s). I am not sure if any change was noticed.
  • John and Tug has issues. Are they still present? It looked like you had something to say about it last week.
  • There was some troubleshooting discussion on the issues of the mailing list - no consensus was reached. More investigation needed.


  • It appears that my hasty calendar solution from a few years ago is not popular with the possibly both the board members and the group at large.
  • Recent emails have stated that the iCal format would be acceptable, so we can take care of that.
  • Do we want a group calendar that will also have a public calendar for event posts?
  • People that want and account on the web calendar should contact Scott.
  • Other “would-be-nice” items?

The list of repeating sessions

Upcoming Regular Meetings


  • Speaker: John Nash
  • Topic: New2Linux: New to the command line
  • Speaker: Brett Delmage
  • Topic: My mail, my way:
  • Successfully setting up and operating your own Linux email server. Brett Delmage has operated an email server in his basement for 30 years. Discover the benefits of running your own Linux mail server in your home or in a data centre and how to set up your own, while learning how email, and spam filtering works behind the scenes.


  • Speaker:John Nash
  • Topic: New2Linux:Wine
  • Speaker: Scott Murphy
  • Topic: Digital Signage for the home (tentative)


  • Speaker:
  • Topic: New2Linux:
  • Speaker: Scott Murphy
  • Topic: Balena “cloud service” results


Monthly financial reports

Moved by Brett Delmage

That the treasurer

1) prepare monthly a financial report which includes a balance sheet including the current bank balance, and a statement of revenues and expenses;

2) circulate the report to directors with the agenda at least 48 hours prior to each monthly OCLUG board meeting

Discussion * Every director is legally responsible for the financial affairs of OCLUG. * Regular, formal oversight is essential. A financial report serves as a basis for financial and activity planning. * Vote: Motion carried

List of Possible topics

New business:

  • Proposal to look at a new motion proposed by Brett - Leavitt memorial


  • Time: 20:45
  • Motion: John
  • Seconded: Tug
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