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  • Bruce Davis ( )
  • Ian Gorman ( )
  • Ed Hong (x)
  • Scott Murphy (x)
  • John Nash (x)
  • Tug Wiliams (x)



Start time:

  • Time: 19:05
  • Call to order: Scott
  • Second: Tug


  • Slack Board channel

Review of any outstanding minutes

  • Approved

Regular Agenda Items

Committee Reports

New to Linux (New Users)

  • Might have been a new user. Bruce Pettitt, interested in persistent USB

OCLUG Customized Bunsen Labs Distro Project Update

  • Not much time spent on project this month.
  • The remaster appears to work successfully
  • There is a root persistence that allows the adding of packages.

Treasurer's Report

  • The cheques have been printed. Scott just needs to collect them.

GM and Election

  • Existing board willing to stay on if there are no other nominations.
  • Updated the 2019 election page:

Meeting Rooms

Mailing List

  • Mailing list graphic - still an item, just low priority.
  • The server and the ssl cert were updated last night, so all appears good.

The list of repeating sessions

Planned Regular Meetings


  • Topic: AGM and possible changes to the bylaws
  • Speaker: Scott
  • Topic: Persistent
  • Speaker: Scott


  • Speaker:
  • Possible topic:

List of future topics

New business:

  • none


  • Time: 19:59
  • Motion: Tug
  • Seconded: Ed
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