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Board Minutes January 2010

Location: Tidman Residence Time : 19:24pm

   maggi   Margaret Tidman
   tylert  Tyler Tidman
   EricB1  Eric Brackenbury
   wardi   Ian Ward
   bjb     Brenda Butler
   rj_ren  Roland Renaud


  • Review OclugBoardForwardAgenda
  • Donations from January meeting
Done.  This has been collected from Eric.  Margaret will try to deposit this Sat Jan 30th.
* Retiring old email lists that are not being used
Announcement was made at the general meeting.  No objections.  
ACTION: Ian to send message to oclug-announce, linux and oclug about shutting down inactive lists.  Keeping linux, oclug, oclug-annouce linux-photography and alias for board members, all others being removed.
ACTION: Brenda to write up draft for mailing list charter for linux-photography, to forwarded to board for approval.  Once approved, mailing list will go live.
  • Potential upcoming meetings
RSS feed... what they are, how they work?
Bart's second GIT talk
Firefox extensions
  • Open requests for new Board Members to start the 2010 term in April
ACTION: Announcement was made at December and January meeting.  Will announce again at all meetings until the AGM. 
RESULT: No interest so far... must start seeking out people.
  • Discuss OCLUG 2009 Financial Statements
Financials presented to board members by Treasurer.
  • Finding someone to “audit” the financial statements
ACTION: Brenda to contact someone, will get back to board once a response is received.
  • Sys Admin matters,
ACTION: Cleaning up old root access.
  • Other
Changing corporate address.  
ACTION: nashjc will try to find out if we can use a PO Box, if this is not possible, nashjc is willing to use his home address.
RESULT: MCR offered his home address to be used for the OCLUG corporate address.
Icebreaker question or introductions from visitors.
ACTION: Ask visitors to introduce themselves (if they wish to), icebreaker question to limited number of people for time restrictions.
  • Ian moved to adjourn, seconded by Roland, ajourned at 21:28.
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