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Board Meeting - 2019-02-25



  • Bruce Davis (x)
  • Ian Gorman (x)
  • Ed Hong (x)
  • Kelly Kendrick ()
  • Scott Murphy (x)
  • John Nash (x)
  • Tug Wiliams (x)



Start time:

  • Time: 19:00
  • Call to order: Scott
  • Second: Tug


  • Slack Board channel

Review of any outstanding minutes

  • November minutes corrected
  • Approval Motioned: Ed
  • Seconded: Scott

Regular Agenda Items

Committee Reports

New to Linux (New Users)

  • Scott: I don’t think we had any actually new people last month, however we did have a couple of people who don’t visit often
  • Suggestion to reinstate the sign-in sheet

L3GO (Low Level Linux Group)

  • Doesn't need to be a regular monthly Board item. ** Small attendance ** Mailing list is quiet

OCLUG Customized Bunsen Labs Distro Project Update

  • Not much progress on the bistro but it has been install on a system of an outside tester for feedback.

Treasurer's Report

  • Balance - $5,059.92
  • Scott has to pick up the cheques. We will have them for the next meeting.
  • TODO: Reimbursement to Scott for the room rentals and the drinks for LITW 2018 as per the email that was sent to the board members.
  • Scott has en expense for the new stickers. He may even be getting a small print run from the company after complaining about them. There will be a stack for passing out at the meeting.

Mailing List

  • Scott: Ongoing: I still have not managed to get the logo I created to appear on the web page. I should be able to get to it over the next couple of weeks

Meeting Rooms

The list of repeating sessions

Planned Regular Meetings


  • Speaker: Brenda Butler
  • Topic: Quilt or Guilt (I think she was going to talk about Quilt but Guilt is the git quilt integration)
  • Speaker: Vincent Q. Zhang
  • Topic: Wireguard
  • Hot topic: Inability of Linux email clients to connect to some Microsoft Email installations


  • AGM
    • President's Summary
    • Treasurer's Report
    • Election:
      • Staying on:
        • Scott
        • John
        • Ian
        • Tug
        • Bruce
        • Ed
  • Speaker:
  • Topic:
  • Speaker:
  • Topic:

List of future topics

New business:

  • Most of the new business items from last month will be new Board items, possibly to be discussed at the AGM
  • Do we want to adjust downward what is considered a quorum?
  • Review the non-profit guide, review the bylaws and come up with a list of amendments and the name change, followed by a special meeting (before a regular one) and get a vote.


  • Time: 20:15
  • Motion: Bruce
  • Seconded: John
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