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As AGENDA until edited Nov 24, 2011

OCLUG Board of Directors Meeting November 24, 2011 19:30 to at Simply Biscotti (Preston Street)


John C. Nash\\
Aaron Wilcox\\
Rob Echlin\\
Mike Kenzie\\
John Sebastian Taylor

Minutes of meeting of Thurs Nov 3 approved.

  • Finance
  1. waiting on financial statement from Mike because of password issues.
  • Signing authority arrangements
  1. signing authority. Now have msg and forms from Justin Burke (??phone and email??) Agreed that we would try to set up the two Robs at Alterna on Albert.
  2. Can we get a bank card? Moved Mike K, seconded Rob Echlin, that we seek to have one so we can make deposits after hours. Approved nem con.
  • Tux logins to stop wikispam?
  1. Rob E will ask Ian Ward if it is easy to have approved logins for the wiki.
  2. If so, we will arrange to convert and do this at the meetings.
  • Seminars (Leavitt / with NCF / other talks)?
  1. JN has set up outline on the week101.
  2. other topics

email / calendar

        graphics (Inkscape etc.)\\
        databases \\
        simple network (printers etc.)\\
        security for the ordinary user\\
  • Speakers and topics for upcoming meetings

another gaming day

    project day for embedded systems e.g. BeagleBoard\\
    Can we team up with robotics group\\
  Dec: Chris Meloche -- CREDIL model
       Allan Kearns  -- CareerJoy (jobs in Linux)
       Panel on same topic.
       update on LMS (JN)
  Jan: Jan 5 -- Check availability of room. Waiting for RH
                IRC ??
  Feb: ??Mashup how-to
  April: AGM

*Motion to exchange contact information for all board members. Approved by consensus.

Other business: Continue PANIC BOOK work.

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