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OCLUG Board of Directors Meeting August 10, 2011 19:00 to 20:50

Present: Rob Echlin Mike Kenzie Rob Day JS Taylor

Guests Aaron Wilcox John Nash

Membership updates

  • MK - secretary's responsibility (JS Taylor)

Paypal for donations?

  • Do we have an account? yes, Ian Ward has access information - this should be in “panic book”
    • Should be an offline version of the panic book
  • Paypal charges for small transactions!
  • Is there any point to having a “donate” button, there's plenty of money in the bank

Adding Aaron Wilcox to BoD

  • Motion to appoint → passed

Status of Past President

  • John Nash is willing to come to Board meetings when able
  • Mike Kenzie noted that previous Board members had similarly

helped out to provide continuity and extra help

September Meeting

  • see below for later resolution
  • Possibly CodeFactory → would need to pay
  • In future, run LitW in September to boost attendance?
  • Library doesn't have internet or projector, kick us out at 9PM
  • UofO & Algonquin


  • Cost of tickets → full access $119
  • RMS is opening keynote speaker
  • Asking for $500 sponsorship → a few free tickets
    • Who decides who gets the tickets?
    • Limited exposure for this amount
  • Only asked yesterday!!
    • Too short notice to make an informed decision
    • Event doesn't exactly meet OCLUG's objectives
  • Motion to inform FOSSLC that their request was received too late, contact us earlier next year with more detailed information → passed
    • R Echlin to respond to their email

Meeting Themes

  • Need to find speakers
  • Embedded Linux
    • Wind River? → we know several people there
  • Common thread → by the end of the evening someone should go home saying “I can't wait to try this”
    • More hands-on demo sessions
  • Drop-in Help sessions?

R Day had to leave at 8PM

Membership increase

  • Better to keep the entire group together
    • Not splitting out into subgroups (beginners, experts etc)
  • Many experienced Linux users don't know about OCLUG
  • Lack of advanced notice of meeting topics/speakers

Talk subjects

  • head to head timing tests (Windows vs #! vs Ubuntu vs ???)
    • Get a bunch of the cheap 2nd hand DTs (TTE?), would be good if they're all the same
      • Someone with a referee's shirt & whistle?
      • Invite media?
  • Advertise the meetings as a good practice run for people giving talks at conferences
    • J Nash is giving a talk in Santa Barbara
  • Linux gaming night?
    • Gav from Cedega gave a talks a few years ago
    • Stick to OSS games
      • Interactive games
    • THis will need to be heavily tested beforehand
      • Have things running by September 1st
    • Saturday gaming meeting as the September meeting
      • Reoccurring meeting, like LitW
    • Continue discussion online
    • Concentrate on games that can be run on a laptop
    • Need to set up server(s) to link user's computers together
    • GCompris → kids games from OLPC
    • Could get a room at UofO on a Saturday → may cost $50
      • Saturday could be easier at Algonquin, could get lots of Algonquin students

NOTE: Since Board meeting, this has been arranged for Sat Sept 17

  • Series of related talks
    • J Nash → scientific computing
    • Contact Carleton U group
  • Haskell talk (Andrew Clunis?)
  • NumPy, Euler, PyGame
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