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How to Create a New Wiki Page

''' NOTE: For security reasons, permissions for this task are not granted by default and must be manually added to your login account. To request access, please ask wardi, mcr or typhoon on our IRC channel.

To login to the wiki:

- Go to main page and - Select “OCLUG Wiki” to get here ( then - Select “login” - Enter your username (eg: FirstnameLastname) and password.

  When logged in, each page should say "logged in as FirstnameLastname"
  at the top and \\\

buttons such as “Edit this page” should appear at the bottom.

To experiment, use the SandBox.

To create a new wiki page:

- Log in to the wiki - Select the appropriate page and press “Edit this page”. - Add the new page name such as “!NewWikiPage”. - Note that each word in the page name starts with uppercase.

 (This is sometimes called CamelCase.)

- Select “Preview” or “Submit changes”. - The new page will appear as “!NewWikiPage?” because it doesn't yet exist. - Click on the word “!NewWikiPage?”. - A mostly blank page should appear with a “Create this page” button. If it does not, you will need to request access - see note at the top of this document. - Press “Create this page” and create the page. - After the new page is saved, the link should appear as

"!NewWikiPage", without the trailing '?' mark.

RolandRenaud 2010/06/07

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