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OCLUG board meeting 2015-04-29, 19:45 @RGB


  • Guy Briggs
  • Aaron
  • John Nash
  • Scott Murphy
  • Kelly Kendrick


  • Review of any outstanding minutes
  • Review of any outstanding business
  • Ideas for future meeting (see above)
  • Committee reports
  • Discussion of the current meeting location
  • New business
  • Tux hosting

Review of any outstanding minutes

  • nothing reviewed at this time?

Review of any outstanding business

  • not aware of any, but review of minutes necessary to determine

Ideas for future meeting (see above)

  • June - John Nash - publishing software
  • July - Linux in the Wild

Committee reports

  • Finance
    • Current balance is 5,119,74.
    • OCLUG and L3GO meetup fees no longer being incurred.
    • Domains, meeting location, and Tux hosting power expenses (monthly).
    • Should consider having a “pass the hat” at some point, but balance is healthy right now.
    • Scott suggested checking out RBC e-account (no fee)
  • UGConnect - still dormant, but Shopify and others still being considered as a venue option.
  • L3GO - still meeting regularly, location back at East India Company. Good turnout.
    • March or April meeting was at Red Pepper Thai.
    • Back to using mailing list because Meetup is gone.
    • domain is registered and parked.
    • Scott and Ian to set up L3GO web page?
  • Newbies - active, but none showed up before the AGM.
  • Discussion of PI Boot Camp (May 23), some interest in attending.

Discussion of the current meeting location

  • Meeting our current requirements, review in September with regard for renewal in the new year.
  • Kelly to check out 415 Greenview (Carling/Pinecrest) as a possible future board meeting location.

New business

Tux hosting

  • Uncertain if RGB is going to India or not, still exploring what needs to be done for Tux.
  • Some discussion of virtualization options.


  • July 12 @ Strathcona Park. 1:00-3:00 PM. Scott bringing drinks and ice.
  • Parking may be tricky due to pedestrian bridge construction.


  • Review of meeting venues in September, Rosemount booked to end of year.


  • Kelly to work with RGB on updating non-profit info.
  • Scott to resuscitate TRAC and migrate to DocuWiki.
  • Contact info recorded for new board members.


  • 21:19
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