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Work Party 2008 Q1

Another sysadmin work party!

Please sign up here if you want to attend.

  • Charles Nadeau
  • Brenda Butler


  • Make notes on how to work with postfix, spamassassin, mailman
  • Enable mailman to e-mail post to be moderated (Charles)
  • Have mailman work with spamassasin to filter out spam
  • Can sqledger work with apache2? - if so, can we remove apache1?

Prep work:

To be done at the work party

  • sql-ledger working under apache2 (and old stuff still working too)
    • make ssl work under apache2. Use old certs.
    • To get rid of the message:
[[:Sat|Feb 23 13:17:26 2008]] [[:error]] VirtualHost *:80 -- mixing * ports and \
    non-* ports with a NameVirtualHost address is not supported, proceeding \
    with undefined results

after changing the apache2 config, and running apache2ctl -t to test the config, add another VirtualNameHost directive for the extra port that you're going to listen to. Also add :80 to the existing one(s).

VirtualNameHost *:443
  • Have mailman work with spamassasin to filter out spam
    • I edited Mailman/ to enable spam filtering
    • I trained the bayesian filter using the mailing list archives as ham.
    • to extract 10 messages from an mbox file called mbox-file. Giving no args to -s means that formail will simply dump out the messages to stdout. Otherwise it would invoke the program given as the -s arg once for each message and pass the message to it.
cat spam | formail -10 -s | mail list@blah.blah.blah

We want to send spam to the mailing lists to determine if spamassassin is working or not and we thought we'd limit it to 10 at a time … instead of sending my whole archive of 8000 messages. We would probably want to adjust the above so that the message is sent using the original headers in the envelope, rather than creating a new envelope with my credentials …

more stuff we learned

  • atop
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