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Future Meeting Topics

Here are some possible topics for future OCLUG meetings. \
Send mail to the OCLUG mailing list to suggest other topics or people who would be willing to give a presentation.

NOTE: We have plenty of topics – we need people to present. You need not be the expert – we have had considerable success with panel discussions that allow multiple “small” contributions. Contact any board member or post here if you can assist.

Possible Topics

  • RSS/ATOM feed readers/akregators
  • GIT and other revision control s/w
  • presentation software (Magicpoint, Negative, Openffice/ppt)
  • browser variations
  • Firefox extensions
  • screen casting
  • The future of Linux
  • gimp, script-fu
  • Licensing issues
  • Window managers
  • How to Live With your Windows-Manager
  • Linux on a Thumb Drive - how to put Linux on a USB key (J-F Messier could do it)
  • travel with Linux
  • ins and outs of a remix
  • IDE (Integrated Development Environments)
  • Programmer's editors (Emacs, VIM, others)
  • How to build your own distro.
  • File system comparison: ext2, 3, 4, FAT, NTFS
  • Security issues of different file systems.
  • Interworking Linux with other operating systems.
    • There will always be some Windows machines in the environment.
    • How to make Windows “easier” to use (eg: Cygwin)
    • How to transfer files, (scp, putty, rsync).
    • How to access Linux X windows graphical applications from Windows machines (xming).
    • How to access Windows machines from Linux (rdesktop)

Possible Beginner/New to Linux Topics

  • How to use the command line; and why you want to use it.
Please update this page with new ideas, or contact someone who can.
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