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Agenda: -update on OVH and twitter accounts -plans for meeting(s) -wondering whether we should bother!

Present: John Nash Tug Williams Ian Gorman

Katherine McMillan invited but did not attend.

Absent: RGB NOTE: After meeting, Scott Murphy informed us that the Board email alias is missing RGB address. Our apologies.

We commenced when Ian joined at approx. 7:05.

John Nash noted that Scott “transferred” the ownership of the OVH account (our VPS) to and set ups a pw change for JN to complete. A how-to is needed, but JN has access to the OVH contract account. Twitter: We have two accounts (I think @linux-ottawa and @ottawa-linux) and they are now directed to JN. Mostly spam and I'm already filtering to trash. JN has to figure out how I control those, but Scott has offered to help. More importantly, he has said he will maintain the wiki and CURRENT (not mailman) mailing list until current OVH contract expires in 2nd half of 2023. Nobody has volunteered to handle twitter!

Tug Williams suggested using Twitter as an alternative to posting notices for meetings & sending emails.

John Nash will “volunteer” to write up the how-to draft and confirm it first with Scott then with the rest of Board. Then we will see how to auto-forward to social media and website. This will include the board email alias and possibly some other functions.

Tug Williams will look into user-friendly administrative interfaces and mailing list services of OVH. John Nash will send information about the features of our present account.

For Aug 4, John Nash will post a “No meeting unless there is an offer” message.

John Nash suggested that, given we are close to losing quorum to be able to administer the Corporation, We should be setting up a Plan B for Linux-Ottawa. He proposed we investigate possible ways to keep wiki/website “as is” and mailing list active for as long as possible under a contract, but dissolve the Corporation to avoid personal risk.

There was no intent to make a decision at this meeting, but to start thinking of how to ensure orderly continuance or close-down of Linux-Ottawa.

We adjourned at approximately 8 pm.

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