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The board will meet up before LitW, 2008-07-25. Location?

JN's suggestions:

- value deal is Johnny's Pizza. 2 big slices plus pop for $6.25 (Laurier at Nelson) Have veggie option.

 Also now doing Lebanese stuff.

- eclectic: ?? Perfection (hole in the wall just W of fire station). Vegetarian. May be too small to meet.

- pub: Royal Oak – next to that. Not sure of veggie offerings.

- Indian: Nagina (Rideau). Buffet. Some vegetarian, but it's perhaps not enough choice.

- sandwiches: 2 Subways on Laurier

- break the bank: Westin's buffet is great, but …. (Linux NOT in the Wild). Not sure I checked veg. offerings there.

- korean/japanese: Maru (Rideau at K.E.) fish rather than vegetarian

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