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The wiki formerly known as the OCLUG Wiki

Meeting Announcement

Linux-Ottawa May 2022 Meeting

This month Tug Williams and John Nash will lead a discussion on the future of Linux Ottawa and similar volunteer groups and the role of technology in their evolution.

When: 1900 May 5, 2022 Where: Online via jitsi at link on framatalk (

Some questions members might think about before next week's meeting (please save responses for the meeting):


* What are the goals of our group? Who is the audience for those goals?

* If the goal is to promote Linux, in what way, and to whom, does

Linux still need promoting?

* Do we advocate ONLY open source software? The flurry of interest

on the mailing list concerning open source meeting tools
has shown there is a lot of energy in this direction, but should
we not be inclusive of people who want to use and promote Linux,
whether or not they also use non-FLOSS tools?


* How are we going to structure / maintain our organizational presence?

The AGM returned just 4 Board members. Our quorum to continue operations
is 3, and 2 Board members are in their mid-70s. In another organization
in which one of us is active had two deaths and despite active members
and plenty of money in the bank, a close shave with collapse. Linux-Ottawa
is in such a precarious position.

* What services (list, meetings, …) should and can we provide? There has

been much discussion of how and where in-person meetings might resume,
but as yet no concrete offer to organize one.

* Are there different ways to keep such services? Example: contract out

the mailing list and wiki.

* A volunteer group requires volunteers, not just consumers.

Note: there have been several members who have shown some interest in helping out, and who are considering what they may be able to contribute. Their interest is appreciated, and we hope it will translate into action.

20180318 todo list

  • 2018 presentations (JN) – partial
  • new logo (JN) - done
  • mailing list subscription (done)
  • migrate meeting history (SM) - done
  • More should you use linux (JN and others) – first pass done
  • links line - done JN
  • How to edit wiki – mainly for us. Under Board and Tux (JN) – done
  • Rationalize files into namespaces, e.g., :board ?? need better tool!
  • Migrate board meeting minutes
  • Add a link to the mailing list in the “Steps to Have Your Technical Question Answered” section on the “About Us” page (SM) - Done

Should you use Linux?

Linux or, more properly GNU/Linux, is the operating system built on the kernel derived from the seminal work of Linus Torvalds combined with developments of Unix tools from Gnu, or the Free Software Foundation. It is a family of distributions, that is, implementations of this combination of software, with various combinations of components such as window managers, desktop layouts, packaging tools and application sets. Or see What is Linux?

As this website is for Linux-Ottawa, otherwise known as the Ottawa Canada Linux Users Group, we strongly support the use and promotion of Linux. However, that does not mean it is for everyone, or for every purpose. Some of the reasons to use Linux are discussed on that link, along with some situations where Linux may not be the best choice.

Linux-Ottawa Mailing List

In order to be placed on the list, you must send an email to: A handy link appears in this paragraph. Once you have done that, you will be sent an email (please allow sufficient time for it to arrive and check spam filters. Given modern greylisting and other filters, this may take more than 10 minutes) asking you to confirm your desire to be added to the list. Click the link and you will be sent to a web page where you have to confirm that you wish to be added to the list. Subscribe

Unsubscribing from the list is just as easy. Send an email to For your convenience, an unsubscribe link follows: Unsubscribe

The list archive is also available

Note: This a relatively low volume list.


Meeting Presentations & Tutorial Material

Advocacy Projects

Technical Projects and Notes

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OCLUG Meeting History

This is a conversion of the pages from the old site. There may be a few oddities in the pages, a few of which look like messed up URLs. These will get cleaned up over time, however as the links all seem to work, they are lower priority.

Jobs and Seekers

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