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To edit this wiki you must obtain an account from the current board. We have replaced the older trac wiki with dokuwiki in order to make it a little easier for keeping the pages updated and avoiding the oddities with registered users that have plagued us in the past.

An email to the board ( should get you a response reasonably quickly. We are trying to avoid the insane number of registrations that trac has collected which usually require some back end manipulation to recover valid accounts.

1 Of course, you will need to remove the '#' characters

Editing this wiki

This wiki is supported by the Dokuwiki software, so any tutorial on that system is useful for learning how to edit.

Edit the menuline here.

Key local matters:

  • When uploading files, be sure to put them in an appropriate NAMESPACE.
    • for presentations in 2018, files go into :wiki:presentations:2018:(name of file)
    • to get them there, click on the media button when in edit mode for a page or block (this is the little screen icon with a small arrow in top right corner of the icon image), select the file you wand to upload, then prepend the name with “:wiki:presentations:2018:” before clicking “Upload”. The file should upload and give a name at the top of the media manager window. Then click this name to generate a link. The link will NOT have a display label to the right of the vertical bar. Type one in before hitting Save on the page/block you are editing.
  • If you get files in the wrong namespace, it is sometimes easiest to redo the upload (even download then upload), then delete from within the media manager. There may be simpler ways, but ….

Changing the meeting agenda

(This procedure could be altered. Here is how John Nash set agenda. Here represented as “user”)

- ssh

- sudo su

- edit a previous agenda page from the wiki, e.g.,


- and save in the same directory as agenda_YYYYMMDD.txt with YYYYMMDD as the date of the meeting.

- Ownership of this file should be root:www-data

- delete (in this directory) agenda_current.txt

- ln -s agenda_YYYYMMDD.txt agenda_current.txt

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