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Convened at 19:20, at Ian Ward's STORE,

   bjb     Brenda Butler
   maggi   Margaret Tidman
   mcr     Michael Richardson
   nashjc  John Nash
   wardi   Ian Ward
   rj_re1/rj_ren Roland Renaud
   tyler   Tyler Tidman


  • approval of agenda
   items from Brenda added.
   approved unanimously.
  • Review OclugBoardForwardAgenda
no items to add 
  • review open action items.
    • 15 nashjc to contact CLO re: speaker(s) for November/December 2007
suspended for now, let CLO get back to us.
  • 16 mcr will look at converting phpwiki pages to static HTML.
    * DONE. agreed to make phpwiki read-only for now, and point people at trac for new content.
  • 17 we need to have a 10-line summary of the process, and an announcement that we are doing this.
  • we should demo the new wiki and trac ticket interface in a meeting.
scheduled for December. It is Brenda.
  • Monthly deposits
sorted out missing deposits from February/March.
MCR found checque for Feb. donations and March change in winter jacket. Money turned over to treasurer.\
  • In trac wiki, make page version number visible without having to mouse on last change, then page history
won't fix. Mouseover is enough.
  • address new items.
    • (second) Ottawa Chapter, Council of Canadians
- need a mailing list. Could make one on tux.
- no immediate cross-over of ideas at present, but Council of Canadians deals with many 
  issues relevant to canadians, and therefore has many common issues with open source.
- relates to CLUE, _Adopt an NGO_
- offer valid for 1 year, to be reviewed by OCLUG board.
  • confirm that sql-ledger is working for finances.
confirmed to be working after computer move.
  • proposal to put up a Xmas break puzzle challenge, with recap in January.

  • discussion that we want to order 100 Ubuntu CDs, to be passed to members (at $2 each). See #23.
    Tyler will investigate getting a quantity of them. 
  • status of speakers
  • December speaker done.
  • January speaker done.
  • February speaker is Dell.
  • March open.
  • April is AGM.
  • May is someone else's problem.
  • next board meeting is January 22,2008.
  • motion to adjourn
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