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Board Minutes March 2010

Location: Renaud Residence Time : 19:22

   maggi   Margaret Tidman
   tylert  Tyler Tidman
   EricB1  Eric Brackenbury
   wardi   Ian Ward
   rj_ren  Roland Renaud
   nashjc  John Nash


  • Review OclugBoardForwardAgenda
  • Donations from March 2010 meeting
Cheque for March donations was given to Treasurer 
* Potential upcoming meetings
May: NetNeutrality, MCR - *confirmed*
June: GPS in Linux - tangogps
July: Linux in the Wild - *confirmed*
supercomputers from PC clusters, MatthewB
  • Open requests for new Board Members to start the 2010 term in April
ACTION: Ian to send out email to Linux and oclug-announce mailing list to solicit new board members.
  • Finalize AGM details.
ACTION: Bring paper in case we need to do up ballots. Roland will bring ballot box. John to write up a Presidents report. Margaret to write up a Financial report. Richard to give his financial review comments.
  • Finding someone to “financial review” of the financial statements
RESULT: Richard H offered to "audit" the books again this year.
ACTION: Margaret to meet with Richard between March 17 and March 31.
  • Sys Admin matters,
ACTION: Cleaning up old root access.
RESULT: Decision was to keep people with root access as is, for now.


  • Changing corporate address.
RESULT: MCR agreed to use his home address as OCLUG's corporate address.
ACTION: paperwork will be completed and submitted once the new board members are serving... hopefully by mid April
  • Book offer from Brian Barber
ACTION: John to follow up with him.
  • Upgrading SQL Ledger to LedgerSMB?
ACTION: Margaret to review LedgerSMB, make sure it works and that it is a good replacement for SQL Ledger, data transfer from from SQL Ledger, user friendly... etc.
  • Looking for locations for doing tutorials
ACTION: John may be able to get space at University of Ottawa, will look into this.
  • Replacement for Programming Olympics
Look into doing some sort of student contest at the Science and Technology Museum.
ACTION: John to follow up with contact at museum.
  • Suggestion from a member regarding investing in a GIC.
RESULT: At current interest rates it is not worth the locking the money in.
  • Potential hardware upgrade for TUX (new machine)
Looking at a budget around $800 - $1000 for new machine
ACTION: John to speak to RGB regarding space/size requirements, will copy sysadmin group to get feedback.
  • Margaret moved to adjourn @ 21:14
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