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OCLUG Board Meeting Jul 26, 2021



  • Bruce Davis (x)
  • Brett Delmage (x)
  • Ian Gorman (x)
  • Marc Moleman () - Will attempt to attend, in Winnipeg
  • Scott Murphy (x)
  • John Nash ()
  • Tug Wiliams (x)


None as of yet

Start time:



Review of any outstanding minutes

Approval of previous minutes.

Regular Agenda Items

Committee Reports

New to Linux (New Users)

On hiatus since we are using the first talk for this purpose.

Linux-Ottawa Distro Project

Nothing new here yet. Marc has been getting a couple of systems together for the purposes of doing some installs and documentation.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Scott has logged in again, no change from the previous balance, no added notation.
  • John was going to check his access
  • We need to get Ian some GPG keys and a method of using it with Gmail. Mutt works :), along with Thunderbird. There may be a browser plugin, but I am not sure.

Mailing List

  • Based on the recent mailing list activity and the breaking of signing, we will be moving back to Mailman.
  • Brett has volunteered to take on the work.
  • We have had some back and forth and given a number of other deficiencies, we are considering doing a clean install of the linux-ottawa server in order to remove the old cruft and make sure we have no useless software installed.
  • We have not set a date for this yet, but we have a plan outlined
  • Proposal for getting a new server for the Mail Server for the purpose of building a new server and cutting over rather than trying to rebuild the existing one on the existing server. Estimated cost being less than $10 per month for the duration of the migration.
    • Vote on Do we spend the money to get an additional server to install the mail software on a current OS and migrate the existing content over:
      • 5 yays
      • 0 nays


Any commentary on it? I’m not sure who has tried it out yet, but it looks promising to me

  • Scott will give every member of the board accounts.

The list of repeating sessions

This is still a thing to review. Has anyone We should review our repeating sessions list and see if we want to continue them all.

Upcoming Regular Meetings

I know we discussed a few things, but I have not reviewed the list yet. Bring ideas!


  • Speaker:John
    • Topic: New2Linux: To be named, but almost ready. Just needs some clean up.
  • Speaker: Scott Murphy
    • Topic: Digital Signage for the home (tentative) - I have not installed it yet, but that should happen Tuesday.


  • Speaker:
    • Topic: New2Linux:
  • Speaker: Scott Murphy
    • Topic: Balena “cloud service” results

Saturday Event - Leavitt Memorial

  • Date: Unknown - post Covid-19
  • Location: Undecided - library?
  • Summary: How to do an install on your “recent” computer
  • Laptop give-away (assuming we have a few)
    • Scott has a few, but they need to be recovered from storage and tested

New Business

  • Scott will be contacting Ian in reference to GPG
  • Ian will be looking into Visual Accessibility solutions for Linux


  • Tug proposed adjournment 20:08
  • Seconded by Bruce
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