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Board meeting of Linux Ottawa March 22, 2022 on Slack



Bruce Davis
Ian Gorman
Marc Moleman
Scott Murphy
John Nash 

Excused: Tug Wiliams (funeral)

Absent: Brett Delmage

Call to order just after 1900 on March 22.

Minutes of January 2022 were accepted.

Bruce, Scott and Marc have indicated that they are retiring from the Board. Scott indicated he will train Tug and John on how to run our server etc. We do need someone to be the agent for Digital Ocean to allow our Jitsi server to run, or else we need to look into the public server.

Tug, John and Ian staying.

John agreed to prepare a draft of AGM announcement and plea for helpers by next Monday, with aim to send in good time for the meeting. Scott agreed to send, as John will be on airplane on Thurs March 31. Plan is Mar 29 (evening) for draft. Sent out on Mar 31 to list.

John agreed to lead a discussion on video formats after formal AGM.

There was some discussion of future directions.

Motion to adjourn carried at 19:58 EDT.

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