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List Etiquette

Before subscribing to any of the OCLUG mailing lists, please read over the guidelines below. Following these simple etiquette rules will make your experience as part of OCLUG much more pleasant and rewarding. You may even make some new friends.

* Topics - Please try to keep on-topic. We are a Linux users group, so we care about subjects relating to Linux, UNIX/GNU software development, Free and Open Source software applications that run on Linux, and the like. If you feel they are appropriate, off-topic posts may be marked by putting [OT] in the subject line to inform people that it will not be a Linux-related discussion.

* Signal to Noise Ratio - When posting a follow-up to an existing thread, please trim superfluous information. Everyone following the thread will need context to follow your contributions, but excess reading material is cumbersome and difficult to read.

* Plain Text Only Please - Please do not post in HTML, as many mail clients will not correctly display HTML mail. HTML also interferes with accessibility for the visually-impaired. If you would like to reference an image or external document, please include a plain text URL (e.g.: ! in your email message.

* Attachments - Please limit attachments to OpenPGP signatures. If you wish to post a document please post a plain text URL to the location of the document.

* Signatures - It is a traditional courtesy to keep your email signature to 5 lines or fewer.

* Read your post before you hit send. - Remember that those email addresses belong to actual live people with feelings and their own tendency toward knee-jerk reactions. If you take your time and compose well written messages, and avoid personally attacking the people behind the addresses, they will respect you and do the same. Remember – everything you say is archived and there for everyone to see; politeness will go a long way to giving you a good reputation on-line.

OCLUG Mailing Lists

OCLUG maintains a number of mailing lists with various topics of discussion including:

Linux list policy


The moderated linux list has some special rules that subscribers must follow. These rules are in place to keep the list useful to everyone. There is no general unmoderated discussion.

  1. Purpose
    1. This is a list for moderated discussion of Linux-related topics. The purpose of this list is to foster an environment similar to OCLUG's monthly meetings.
  2. Policy
    1. Off-topic posts are disallowed (see (3), “Topics”).
    2. If this is the first or second offense, a warning from the moderator will be sent to the offending party via private e-mail.
    3. If this is the third offense, the offending party's messages to the linux at mailing list will be moderator-approved for a period of fifteen (15) days. This may result in a delay between the time a message is sent to the time that it appears on the list.
    4. Messages containing personal attacks or derogatory language are disallowed.
    5. If this is a first offense, a warning via private e-mail will be sent to the offending party.
    6. If this is a second offense, the offending party will be unsubscribed from the linux at mailing list for a period of thirty (30) days.
    7. If this is a third offense, the offending party will be unsubscribed from the linux at mailing list for a period of three hundred and sixty-five (365) days.
    8. All decisions made by the moderator concerning (a) and (b) may be appealed to OCLUG's Board of Directors (see (4)©).
  3. Topics
    1. A message is considered on-topic if it directly concerns the use, development and/or politics of Linux or free and open source software.
  4. The Moderator
    1. The moderator(s) may only remove list users based on the stated criteria and procedures (see (2), “Policy”).
    2. The moderator(s) is (are) appointed by the board of directors.
    3. Complaints with the moderator(s) may be presented to the board, with all complaints and consequent board decisions be made public in the board's meeting minutes.
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