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Planning outline for OCLUG live USB distro

Livedistro Plan 2017

Date: 17-3-4 John C. Nash


  • Unordered List Item“boot anywhere” – legacy/UEFI, 32/64, non-pae
  • customizable
  • remasterable
  • installable
  • documented, both for “product” and how it has been built

Base ideas:

We have a preliminary liveUSB/iso that is

  • Arch based
  • boots UEFI or legacy
  • 32 or 64 bit, and boots on non-pae processor
  • This also boots in VirtualBox VM
    • can run startx to come up in openbox (manual start)
    • very minimal


A goal is to have these “bite sized” if possible

* Graphical interface

  • openbox configuration
  • openbox add-ons such as
    • tint2 - system panel and task bar
    • conky - system monitor and information center
    • nitrogen - for backgrounds
  • some documentation on install and configuration for above

* Customizing the system

  • pacman installs
  • recommended and necessary tools
  • how to remove/reduce to keep things tight
  • checking and verifying system
  • documentation of the above

* Remastering

  • getting a new live image from running virtual system
  • Are there choices we need to address?
  • Testing image in virtual environment
  • packaging image onto USB or other media
  • appropriate boot mechanisms in place
  • Installer script
    • optional inclusion on the image
    • how to adjust / test
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