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 +====== How to Create a New Wiki Page ======
 +'''​ NOTE: For security reasons, permissions for this task are not granted by default and must be manually added to your login account. ​ To request access, please ask wardi, mcr or typhoon on our [[http://​​irc/​|IRC channel]].
 +To login to the wiki:
 + - Go to main page http://​​ and 
 + - Select "OCLUG Wiki" to get here (http://​​) then
 + - Select "​login"​
 + - Enter your username (eg: FirstnameLastname) and password.
 +    When logged in, each page should say "​logged in as FirstnameLastname"​
 +    at the top and \\\
 + ​buttons such as "Edit this page" should appear at the bottom.
 +To experiment, use the SandBox.
 +To create a new wiki page:
 + - Log in to the wiki
 + - Select the appropriate page and press "Edit this page".
 + - Add the new page name such as "​!NewWikiPage"​.
 + - Note that each word in the page name starts with uppercase.
 +   (This is sometimes called CamelCase.)
 + - Select "​Preview"​ or "​Submit changes"​.
 + - The new page will appear as "​!NewWikiPage?"​ because it doesn'​t yet exist.
 + - Click on the word "​!NewWikiPage?"​.
 + - A mostly blank page should appear with a "​Create this page" button. ​ If it does not, you will need to request access - see note at the top of this document.
 + - Press "​Create this page" and create the page.
 + - After the new page is saved, the link should appear as
 +  "​!NewWikiPage",​ without the trailing '?'​ mark.
 +RolandRenaud 2010/06/07
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