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Graphical output - newsletters in Linux

January Meeting: Graphical output - newsletters in Linux

Date: January 3, 2013 at 7 p.m.
Location: Shopify Headquarters

We have one presenter and a couple of “invitees”. Would you care to show what you do?

Geeks with laptops

My first newsletter (in Linux)

Speaker: Robert Echlin

I have created newsletters on computers, with Gestetner, with pasteup of scanned photos, pasteup of pages to get folded page output.

This time, I am using Linux.

This project is not due or complete yet, but I have found Scribus to be capable of what I want to do.

I also used The Gimp for simple processing of images for the newsletter - cut the shape I want (circle, rectangle) - give the image the high DPI I need for print output.

I will be demonstrating my workflow for this task.

I am not using the 'Master Pages“ capability of Scribus.

Controlling Distributed Network Computing Client Using D-Bus Signals

Speaker: Aaron Wilcox

Aaron described how he set up his system to run the Distributed Computing Client only when the screen saver was on.

The client is configured to use the Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) in his system, so it really slowed down the GUI when it was running.

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