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Email backup from an IMAP server

December Meeting: Email backup from an IMAP server

Date: December 6, 2012 at 7 p.m.
Location: Shopify Headquarters

Have you ever considered getting a backup copy of your email? This can be done in several ways.

On the email list, this was discussed recently, and we now have a couple of people showing us what their solution does for them, and could do for you, too!

Offline IMAP

Speaker: John C. Nash

John set up Offline IMAP. He will show us his setup.

About the Speaker

Retired Professor of Management at U of Ottawa.

  • 2006 - May – Pres. of OCLUG – Now I'll have to learn more about Linux!
  • 2007 - Mar – have learned a lot, including how much still to learn.

Offline IMAP on two machines

Speaker: Pedro Sanchez

Pedro saves his imap mail to a basement server, which he uses for backup to his desktop. He will demostrate this configuration on his laptop.

About the Speaker

Pedro writes scripts in Linux for Wind River Systems. He automates processes involved in creating training documents, and creating bootable Linux USB sticks with specific content for use in training seminars.

Synchronizing two imap servers

Speaker: Michael Soulier

Michael will demonstrate how to synchronize messages from a main imap server to a local one. He uses offlineimap to do this.

About the Speaker

I am a professional software developer, who has been in the industry of software development for over ten years, starting with Nortel as my first job out of University, and eventually moving to Mitel, working on developing and porting VoIP applications on the Linux platform. I specialize in Unix systems programming and Web applications, primarily, but I have dabbled in many things and I learn quickly.

I believe in developing applications in such a manner that the company that I work for maintains their right to choice of tools and platforms in the future. My choice of tools such as Perl, Python, Ruby and Java demonstrate that portability and lack of “lock-in”, although I have happily developed in C/C++ and maintained the same values.

Currently, I set up monthly Python meetings (OPAG), play board games with my son, have started learning Yoga, and enjoy curling.

Discussions about email

Speaker: tbd

Tentative - we may have a panel discussion about email. We are looking for panel members. (Volunteers?)

Got a favourite email program, or applet, or notification system, to show off? Got email probs? Got non-email questions?

We can have people doing demos at their tables.

If you have a problem you would like to discuss, it is probably easiest if you can demonstrate the issue on a laptop, but if you can tell us about it, someone with a laptop may be able to reproduce it or show you how to get around it.

About the Speaker

tbd is a speaker we call upon when we don't yet have a real speaker for the meeting or when there are multiple speakers for a panel discussion or BOF.

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