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Getting your next gig

December Meeting: Getting your next gig

Date: December 1, 2011 at 7 p.m.
Location: Algonquin College (Woodroffe Campus), room B159

Whether you lose your job or just need to upgrade to a job with higher pay, you need a plan and some insight into the current job market. Did I mention that a plan helps, too?

Jobs in Hi Tech

Speaker: Alan Kearns

Alan Kearns will talk about the current job market in High Tech. He may stray off into related areas if you guys ask questions. ;-)

About the Speaker

Canada's Career Coach

Alan is Canada's Career Coach and the Head Coach and founder of CareerJoy™. He is one of Canada's foremost experts on all things relating to careers. Alan was educated as an Optician, and made a career transition into the recruitment industry. He was one of Canada's most successful recruiters and founder of TalentLab. Having made a career transition himself and recognizing the gap in the market for professionals who were looking for unbiased professional advice and tools to help manage their career, he founded CareerJoy. Alan has more than 17 years of experience coaching professionals with major career decisions. He hosts Canada's top rated career Podcast CareerJoy Conversations. His guests have ranged from John Stanton founder of The Running Room to Jim Citrin best selling author of The 5 Patterns of Extraordinary Careers. He has a weekly column in Workopolis and speaks to organizations and conferences across Canada on topics related to professionals and their career.

Job hunting in High Tech

Speaker: tbd

Several people will present viewpoints in High Tech job hunting, from how to contact employers to how to switch careers - within or out, or even into, High Tech.

People who have agreed to participate so far:

  • Alan Kearns
  • Rob Echlin
  • Tim Inkpen
  • Ian Gorman

About the Speaker

tbd is a speaker we call upon when we don't yet have a real speaker for the meeting or when there are multiple speakers for a panel discussion or BOF.

CREDIL and the "cooperative commons" model

Speaker: Christian Meloche

Chris will speak about the non-traditional business/jobs model that CREDIL follows.

He will also discuss what technical areas look promising to the CREDIL team.

About the Speaker

Chris started his first company at age 14, worked for Foreign Affairs Canada, based in Paris where he managed Signet 1 for Africa and the Middle East, he was also Director International IT for Netscape. Chris has a BA in Philosophy from the University of Ottawa. He has been using Linux for 12 years, Unix for 18 and computers forever.

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