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New to Linux BOF summary and Regular Expressions

May Meeting: New to Linux BOF summary and Regular Expressions

Date: May 5, 2009 at 7 p.m.
Location: Algonquin College (Woodroffe Campus), room P305

New to Linux BOF summary

Speaker: Roland Renaud

The speaker will summarize the topics suggested at the New to Linux portion of last month's BOF session, providing some basic information about them to help you decide which ones are worth learning more about.

For example; what's a “shell” or “rsync” and why should I take the time to learn a “real” editor?

30 - 45 minutes

About the Speaker

Roland has been using Emacs for over 20 years for software development, sysadmin, reading and sending email, documentation, etc…

Regular Expressions

Speaker: Richard Guy Briggs

Regular expressions allow complex strings of text to be defined for searching, replacing or other manipulation.

Some examples from Wikipedia: * the sequence of characters “car” in any context, such as “car”, “cartoon”, or “bicarbonate” * the word “car” when it appears as an isolated word * the word “car” when preceded by the word “blue” or “red” * a dollar sign immediately followed by one or more digits, and then optionally a period and exactly two more digits

The speaker will describe regular expressions, what they are used for and give examples suitable for beginners to advanced.

45 - 60 minutes

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