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Tiny Clusters & Portable Toolkits


November Meeting: Tiny Clusters & Portable Toolkits

Date: November 3, 2016 at 7 p.m.
Location: Algonquin College (Woodroffe Campus), room B185

Note: the room can be a little difficult to find, based on experiences last month. The easiest way to find the room is to head towards the pedestrian overpass entrance on the second floor. When you have just about reached it, the door to B242 that is unlocked will be on the left. This is just past the vending machines.

Tonight we will have two presentations, one on raspberry pi clusters and the other on Portable toolkits.


There will be a one hour pre-meeting item from 18:00 to 19:00 for people who are new to Linux, have general questions, or wish to help out with people who are just getting started.

After Meeting Social:

After the meeting, there will be a social event at one of the nearby pubs or restaurants. A short discussion and vote as to location will be taken then.

GPG Keysigning:

After the main talk and possibly the BoF, there will be the opportunity for a GPG key signing. This is a monthly offering, just look for Scott after the talk and we can go from there. Bring some kind of photo ID and some keyslips if you expect people to sign your key.If you need some method of creating pages of keyslips, there is an online slip generator available.


Tiny Clusters

Speaker: Scott Murphy

This was originally going to be a talk on distributed computing and how it can make compute intensive tasks easier to complete and how to get some experience with a cluster environment using inexpensive commodity computers. It has turned into a discussion of experiences in getting the hardware to run, getting the system to work and getting a first program to run on multiple nodes.

About the Speaker

Scott has been haunting server rooms and using/administrating Unix and Unix like systems for more than 30 years now. His background includes IT infrastructure, system administration, deployments and migrations, security and management. He is currently working as a consultant for the federal government.

usbtoolkit - image is from

Portable Toolboxes

Speaker: John C. Nash

Having a toolkit to solve problems is a good thing. Normally when we think of toolkits, we think hardware. This presentation is about having a versatile USB stick with a variety of tools you can use to solve problems that are vexing you with your compute hardware.

About the Speaker

Retired Professor of Management at U of Ottawa.

  • 2006 - May – Pres. of OCLUG – Now I'll have to learn more about Linux!
  • 2007 - Mar – have learned a lot, including how much still to learn.

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