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January Meeting: Recent interesting legal news regarding open-source software

Date: January 8, 2015 at 6:30 p.m.
Location: Rosemount Branch, Ottawa Public Library

Note: New location! Starting in January, we will be meeting at the Rosemount branch of the Ottawa Public Library, 18 Rosemount Avenue near Wellington. Street parking is available and there are bus routes (2, 14) that run nearby. We also have a new start time, 18:30. As this is the OPL, we also have to be done by 20:15

This month we will be having an informal talk on recent legal news regarding open source software by Adam Saunders.

There will be a one hour pre-meeting item from 17:30 to 18:30 for people who are new to Linux, have general questions, or wish to help out with people who are just getting started.

After the main talk, there will be the opportunity for a GPG key signing. This is a standard offering, just look for Scott after the talk and we can go from there. Bring some kind of photo ID and some keyslips if you expect people to sign your key.

Speaker: Adam Saunders

Adam will be providing the information at the talk.

About the Speaker

I'm a lawyer working in Ottawa, and one of the main services I provide is legal advice regarding open-source software. I've been published frequently by, and I've been on newsstands around the world in the magazine Linux Voice. I run Fedora on my work laptop and use lots of open-source software to get my work done.

BoF Session

Speaker: Alex Pilon

Alex is interested in a discussion on DKIM, SPF, and DMARC for people running mail servers.

About the Speaker

Alex is a 3rd year, software engineering student at Carleton. He has been using Linux since October of his first year. Vim over emacs, favours C, awk, shell scripting and Python. Started out on Arch although disillusioned now. His career interests are in networking and security and is currently doing a co-op term at GENBAND.

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