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Corporate Services, SSH public key authentication

October Meeting: Corporate Services, SSH public key authentication

Date: October 3, 2006 at 7 p.m.
Location: Algonquin College (Woodroffe Campus), room B170

Implementing a Corporate Services Network Using Linux

Speaker: Satellite Forces

Implementing a Corporate Services Network Using Linux

In this presentation, Satellite Forces will introduce it's new application server and Linux Router. This unique combination of Linux Router, Atlantis Process Control Technology (APCS) and PostgreSQL will be described architecturally and in terms of it's business value. This technical leap provides the ability to support a variety of corporate services on different ports.

Benefits of this talk include learning how to build and manage your own Linux Router.

A view down the road will be included, including related projects such as the implementation of Atlantis under Linux with IBM.

using SSH public key authentication

Speaker: Michael Richardson

This talk will explain the basics of using SSH public key authentication for secure logins. While many people understand how to use SSH to do a remote login, the rise of automated attack tools that break password use of SSH means that this method is no longer enough.

This talk is aimed at novice to intermediate users. A tutorial will occur in the near future.

About the Speaker

Michael Richardson is a self-taught programmer and consultant, and has been involved with network security systems since 1988. After working in nearly every aspect of Ottawa hightech, Michael was a founding employee at Milkyway Networks in 1994, and Solidum Systems Corporation in 1998. While at Milkyway Networks, Michael was responsible for developing the VPN components of the BlackHole firewall, the policy engine, and all kernel components. Solidum designed and sold hardware - IPsec being an important target. Michael is a system software designer and protocol designer. Michael is involved on a daily basis with at the IETF. He is an author on RFC3586, RFC4025 and RFC4322.

Michael has architected a number of IPsec systems, including closed source systems at SSH, work on KAME code in BSD, and work on the Linux FreeS/WAN project. In 2003, Michael founded Xelerance Corporation to support Linux open source security products, including Openswan. In 2009, Michael joined as a Founding Maker.

Michael received a B.Sc. Physics from Carleton University.

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