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  • Kelly Kendrick ()
  • Scott Murphy (x)
  • Bruce Davis (x)
  • Ian Gorman (x)
  • John Nash (x)


  • None

Start time:

  • 21:00 October 24, 2017
  • Motion to start - Scott
  • 2nded - Ian


  • Slack - board channel

Review of any outstanding minutes

  • Not posted to board - Bruce's responsibility
  • to be reviewed in November's meeting

Regular Agenda Items

Committee Reports

New to Linux (New Users)


I was late to the last early session, however I do not remember seeing any new faces, some sporadic attendees, but no new people

L3GO (Low Level Linux Group)

  • No meeting this past month

OCLUG Distro Project Update


I discovered Bunsenlabs Deuterium iso is mbr/efi bootable. Unfortunately, though the crunchmaster remastering script “works”, I so far can only get mbr booting. Driving me nuts. In the process have discovered several tools for USB drives and building bootable ones from isos etc. Some OK, some rubbish. Most mixed. Should note that the remastered disk I made has the elements I wanted in the live distro (background, interface, tools). It is a bit bigger than I'd like since I haven't been assiduous in removing things. Used a 32 bit version (pae) so it can run on old netbooks as well as modern Zen machine if I can ever get booting to work. Since the original bl-deuterium 32 bit fires on both, I should be able to figure it out.

Treasurer's Report

  • No known status change
  • No cheques issued
  • Ian has no verification of log in. Scott and John have verified that they can log in.
  • some question about the password and setting up encryption to communicate it.

Room Allocation


reply from Richard H. “Not a problem to meet there. You may wish to delay the start of the meeting to avoid crossing the picket lines. The lines close down at 7pm. ”

  • Motion to have the meeting start at 7:15 - no objections.
  • Meeting notice amended.

Old Data Recovery


Sent the info to John in a tarball, and I don't think anything has been done yet, but we are not in a hurry


I have the file, but I think we should get the wiki set up and I can start to populate it.



nothing done yet, however I can get that up and running on the new system today or tomorrow and we are ready to start copying data over for the wiki.

Tux "Maintenance"

  • Postfix is up and running, nothing weird in the logs yet
  • Set up redirects for the board positions. Requests for anyone wanting an account on the box proper or a redirect? I'm not going to set up Dovecot, but rather let users use the CLI
  • renewed the linux-ottawa domain yesterday. It was going to expire in a day or two.
  • hoping we can keep the load light on the new system. No databases unless absolutely necessary.
  • thinking that after all the talks on static websites, we'll adopt Jekyll for the system and I'll set up a private gitlab account for the site source. Those who wish to post articles can get an account from me. Some of that wonderful automation will publish live as we check in articles.
  • created that calendar I was threatening to do. added board members as event editors, using their Gmail accounts.
  • Suggestion to check Jekyll and Dokuwiki for overlap capabilities, but consensus is that a single system is preferable
  • Plan to use wiki for time being as it is already set up.
  • Security concerns with dokuwiki are PHP related, not with individual articles.
  • Official launch tentative for AGM
  • email exchange with RGB indicates he's OK with move away from physical h/w for Tux.
  • as we learn things about Jekyll, we should document for future users
  • checking into gitlab requires an ssh key and possiby a gpg key to sign the checkin
  • pushing to the VPS will be done by an automated process, again using a key exchange
  • If the VPS gets compromised, we just reload from gitlab

Board Meetings and Openness

  • There doesn't appear to be any interest.
  • Suggestion to leave it on the schedule for anyone to attend, but not actively pursue it.

Mailing List rework

  • Going to try Alex's suggestion and set up mlmmj on the new server for testing
  • The existing lists are archived already, so it will be no issue to migrate people to a new list system transparently if it works out.

=== November (I will be away)

  • have a discussion about which scripting languages to discuss in the December meeting.

=== December - Topic: Scripting and batch files

  • Need to determine scripting languages
  • Some R from John

=== January - Topic: EXIF - Expenses to be offered (Gas and meals) - May swap with November talk to avoid winter travel depending on the speakers.

===== List of possible topics

This is a live wish list. It should grow and shrink with the topics we come up with. It is good to have a reference so we don't lose possible topics. Feel free to add to the list. [X] indicates we did this one.

  • Use the update of the wiki as fodder for discussion? [X]
  • Blogging
  • Tools for making graphics in a productive fashion
  • Ditaa as a possible options
  • Mermaid as a possible options
  • GraphViz
  • Dia

E- ven raw SVG production might be of interest.

  • Node.js
  • MongoDB
  • Arduino Talk (Peter S)
  • AngularJS & VScode
  • Platform independency for application users: Why doesn't my program work on my computer? [X]
  • MicroVAX (will be a topic after Scott gets it all working)
  • HW seems OK now that motherboard has been replaced
  • Procuring an additional one that might allow me to figure out the remaining issues
  • Issue getting the console working properly
  • PDP8 emulator & PiDP8 Hardware Panel
  • – Scott Murphy (when completed)
  • - Obsolete telephone reuse
  • – Scott Murphy (has a project in the works) (getting back to that)
  • - Virtual Box and Docker integration

New business:


  • Motion to adjourn - Scott
  • Seconded - Bruce
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