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= OCLUG Board Minutes Nov 16, 2010 =

Meeting Date: 2010-11-16 at 19:00

Location: Eric's (in Carp)

Present: all board members.


  • Approval of agenda

Moved: LL, seconded EB. Approved.

Moved: RR, Seconded MK. Approved.

  • Financial Report

Nov. meeting: $45.75

   JN expense 20.99 for domain.
  • Panic book update(s)

#1 = LL, #2 = JST, #3 = EB, #4 = JN, #5 = MK, #6 = RR

   Thanks to LL for initial content.
  • Corporate address status

MCR says he has been getting mail. JN/LL to check with MCR at IPv6 meeting.

  • Review OclugBoardForwardAgenda
    1. possible collaboration with C4C to generate suitable Randal Leavitt memorial
    2. speakers

MCR (virtual desktops)

         Matthew Bastian (?? topic) EB to ask
         Ivo Mokros (?? topic)      EB to ask
         February: Lisa wiki stuff
         Panel on Grub2 (who?)
   - rooms
         RR will ask R Hagemeyer
  1. Investigation of rooms for special events (e.g., Trend Arlington – MK found no wireless, limited power)

Bronson Center – wireless(?), power(?)

     OPL - wifi at branches if Library Card. Emerald Plaza $25 for 4 hours.
     --- potential idea GIMP tutorial 
       "Randal Leavitt Memorial Tutorials" An occasional series of workshops on F/L software.
       Ask family if they are OK with it.
       $5 or so registration (Paypal?) and give out "materials". 
       Ask for volunteers at main meeting.
   - review other items.
  • Update on action items from last Board meeting (excepting Tux)

LL - google calendar done

  1. Need to decide who will keep it up.

MK - small change still to deposit

   JN - ask R Echlin if he'll do a "Tux Taste"
* Upcoming meetings
   Covered elsewhere
  • Membership and outreach

LL - swag for meetings e.g., Nostarch Press, O'Reilly, Make Magazine

        Swag Subcommittee / Linux book exchange
        Announce at meeting
  • OCLUG support of Ottawa IPv6 Summit

The Ottawa IPv6 Summit organizing committee requests that OCLUG support

 the initiative by providing working cash up to $500 to be repaid on the
 assumption that receipts are sufficient. Monies will be handled by Bart
 Trojanowski and proper records and receipts will be kept.
 The estimated revenue is 120 attendees at approx. $65 each. ($7800)
 The fixed costs are: 
    rooms less than $500.
    marketing/promotion costs: less $1000
    web site and bank charges: $300
    speaker costs: $2000 to $3000.
 The variable costs are:
    lunch: <$30/person.
 Total costs: $8400, assuming worst case costs above.
 We would not budget a deficit, and we are seeking sponsors. 
 Most (90%) of speakers will be contributing their time and travel
 Moved: RR, Seconded MK. nem con.
  • Other
  • Tux setup planning. Agenda below. Implementation plan discussed. See MigrationPlan

Tux Setup Planning


  • Panic book – update
    • binders
    • access passwords (which?)
    • financial info
    • corporation no. and address(es)
    • directors contact info.
    • moderators contact info. and scope
    • update mechanism – put on agenda for each month


  • Platform choice
  • Base software
    • OS
    • Apache2
    • ssh
    • php5 (??)
  • Content
  • Web material
  • AUP for users (could be via mailing list)
  • Wiki
  • other
    1. google calendar: Need to decide who will keep it up.
  • Mailing lists:
    • On host: Mailman, postfix, postgreSQL, SpamAssassin or link to spam filter, other??
    • Outsourced (e.g., Freelists): ??
  • Domain forwarding

Timing and Players

  • Who?
  • When?
  • Resources?
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