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OCLUG Board Meeting May 25, 2017



  • Kelly Kendrick (x)
  • Scott Murphy (x)
  • Bruce Davis (x)
  • Ian Gorman (x)
  • John Nash ()


  • None

Start time:



Virtual via OCLUG Slack

Approval of Agenda

Moved by Bruce Seconded by Ian

Review of any outstanding minutes

  • Approval of April minutes - approved
    • Kelly moved to approved
    • Scott seconded

Regular Agenda Items

Committee Reports

New to Linux (New Users)

  • (Scott) “None that I can remember, maybe there was something I missed”

L3GO (Low Level Linux Group)

  • (IanG) “There was, but I did not attend this month”

OCLUG Distro Project Update

  • John
    • Hacking event summary
      • there were three people present and progress was made. John probably posted the notes in the wiki if anyone is interested.

Treasurer's Report

  • TODO
    • Change account type so we only receive electronic copies
      • If this does not allow for viewing online, then RBC offers this

service. Maybe even TD. Tangerine might serve, but read-only and deposit access may be an issue.

  • Get at least one additional signature on the bank account
    • Currently: Scott, Aaron, Rob and RGB.
    • Ian, and John to be added.
    • Remove Aaron, Rob and RGB.
  • No movement was made on this beyond contacting Aaron to see if he would be available for this task. He is available whenever we get it set up
  • I need to visit the Bells Corners branch and find out if we can do it there or if we need to go downtown.

Room Allocation

We have a room for the next three meetings. Kelly is supposed to have you're doing that an idea as to the availability of a room at his building. * need to find out about cost and parking before making a decision

Old Data Recovery

  • Scott
    • Still have not spent any time on this yet, hoping to get to it shortly.

Wiki Info

  • John was going to look into ACLs
  • A couple of plugins were added.

OCLUG Branding Continuation

  • No movement on this beyond the stickers arrived. I'll have handfulls for the meeting on June 1

Tux "Maintenance"

  • No action here. Will be emailing Richard about the hardware.
  • Not too sure about the static approach at this time, need to look at the functions and who is using them.

(scott) Tux maintenance. I have not talked to RGB about shutting down the old hardware and migrating to a VPS yet, however I have acquired a VPS to use and will get started on the migration shortly. Changing from Django may not happen, as we do use some of the functionality.

Board Meetings and Openness

  • The calendar item I mentioned will probably solve this. Meetings will be listed, as well as board meetings. The board meeting item will have a statement that the meetings are open to members.

Mailing List Rework

  • Nothing done here yet. I'll be getting to it over the next couple of weeks.
  • Just as a reminder, the action items that come out of this are:
    • Calendar system that allows subscriptions (see previous item as well)
    • Archiving of the old lists and making them available
    • Investigate upgrading Mailman to v3 or replace it with [mlmmj](

Planned Regular Meetings


  • Speaker: Bruce Davis
    • Topic: What I learned at HTML 150
  • Speaker:
    • Topic:

Linux in the Wild 2017

  • July 16, 13:00 at Strathcona Park
  • We should have a demo of something - ideas? My drone is out, no longer allowed to fly it there.


  • Speaker: Scott Murphy
    • Pi Night
      • Using a Raspberry Pi as a Software Defined Radio
      • Raspberry Pi FM transmitter


List of possible topics

Dropping the list of topics from the agenda this month, we will revisit next month

New business:



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