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OCLUG Board meeting

Date: 2013-03-27, 19:00 (RGB arrived at 19:40) Location: RGB's house


  • Committes
    • User Group Connect
    • Volunteers
    • L3GO
  • Servers
  • Finance Report
  • AGM, Election
  • Other Business


  • Richard Guy Briggs
  • Rob Echlin
  • Scott Murphy
  • Aaron Wilcox
  • Ian Gorman


  • Mike Kenzie


  • Volunteers
    • Aaron: meeting setup for 18:00 on April 4th @Shopify. Shopify is agreeable.
  • User Group Connect
    • Bill for cleaning was $330+tx for 16h work. Rob questioned it. They dropped it to $180.
    • No changes on the Commissionaires, cheque needs to be signed.
    • Outstanding accounts to settle with Rob and Scott.
    • The web site updates are still pending.
  • L3GO
    • RGB has set up a meeting for April 1st at Red Pepper Thai-Viet (434 Bank@Gladstone) for 18:30.
    • There are 3 people confirmed with another half dozen or more interested.
    • RGB has sent out a number of personalized invitations.


  • tux→tuxbis was switched over March 11th after resynching everything and almost everything worked.
  • After a week, RGB switched off tux to shed power and Scott discovered some needed files.
  • Scott sent email to existing accounts to notify “tux is being shut down and that all services that have been identified as being required for the operation of oclug's activities have been transferred to the new machine.”. iAN D. Allen requested his account transferred.
  • Following up on the April 2012 meeting, a utilities payment is due.

Finance Report

  • Nothing to report.

Other Business

  • AGM:
    • April 4th meeting is our AGM.
    • The election was announced by email a month ago just before the previous members meeting.
    • The term is one year.
    • We need to confirm returning members, fill vacancies and vote if there are more candidates than positions. The 5 of us are willing. Mike is not standing for re-election.
    • Member list. Check with MCR and/or John Nash.
    • Scott brought a sample membership form. Scott will print off membership forms for the AGM.
    • How do we get more people out to meetings?
  • Rob wanted to propose a new committee: email/spam/viruses: best practices, support efforts to improve the experience, including android.
  • We might consider ending the presentation part of our meetings at 20:30 to make room for SIGs to meet at Shopify until 21:00.

Meeting adjourned at 21:35.

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