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OCLUG Board meeting

Date: 2013-03-06, 19:00 Location: RGB's house


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  • Committes
    • User Group Connect
    • Volunteers
  • Servers
  • Finance Report
  • AGM, Election
  • Other Business


  • Richard Guy Briggs
  • Rob Echlin
  • Scott Murphy
  • Aaron Wilcox
  • Ian Gorman


  • Mike Kenzie

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  • We have heard nothing further.


  • Volunteers
    • Nothing to report.
  • User Group Connect
    • 40 people, 14 groups attended
    • The event was considered successful since there was lots of good interaction between sponsors, group reps and attendees.
    • There was good networking between groups.
    • Stephane Gagnon wanted another at UQO soon.
    • The Commissionaires worked out well.
    • Cleaners - We haven't heard back from Shopify. We assume it worked out fine.
    • Bills: insurance paid, commissionaires invoice received, cleaners no invoice received yet, meetup paid, Google ad coupon used with balance remaining.
    • OCLUG created a Meetup account. It now lists our monthly meetings. Rob will tune the keywords section as appropriate for our regular meetings.
    • The web site will be left up and updated with local groups.


  • Everything is prepared for a switch over from tux to tuxbis.
  • Ian Ward and Scott talked about server transition while at UGC and they will cut things over by the 11th of March (2013).
  • Ian said Trac should be ready to go, but he will recheck.
  • Scott will send email to existing accounts to notify “tux is being shut down and that all services that have been identified as being required for the operation of oclug's activities have been transferred to the new machine.”.

Finance Report

  • Nothing to report.

Other Business

  • Elections: April meeting is our AGM. We need to call an election. The term is one year. We need to confirm returning members, fill vacancies and vote if there are more candidates than positions. The 5 of us are willing. Mike may be willing by the time of the election.
  • How do we get more people out to meetings?
  • Scott will print off membership forms for the AGM.
  • We've set up a L3GO (Low Level Linux Group of Ottawa) meetup account under OCLUG's account. We'll move forward and promote this and organize a meet.

Meeting adjourned at 21:49.

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