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  • Kelly Kendrick (x)
  • Scott Murphy (x)
  • Bruce Davis (x)
  • Ian Gorman (x)
  • John Nash (x)


  • None

Start time:


* Motion by Scott

* Seconded by John


Board room, Kelly's Condo

Review of any outstanding minutes

Approval of May minutes

  • Approved

Regular Agenda Items

Committee Reports

New to Linux (New Users)

Scott: I didn't have any interactions, did anyone else?

L3GO (Low Level Linux Group)

IanG: Nothing to report from the last meeting but it is still on the go

OCLUG Distro Project Update

John Not much done in the last month but still in progress

Treasurer's Report

John has unspecified financial documents from previous treasurer in his car.


Change account type so we only receive electronic copies If this does not allow for viewing online, then RBC offers this service. Maybe even TD. Tangerine might serve, but read-only and deposit access may be an issue. Get at least one additional signature on the bank account No movement was made on this beyond contacting Aaron to see if he would be available for this task. He is available whenever we get it set up I need to visit the Bells Corners branch and find out if we can do it there or if we need to go downtown. Room Allocation

September room is still up for discussion. Maybe a Dymon location, maybe something else. Going for Dymon

Old Data Recovery


No progress yet, Still have not spent any time on this yet, hoping to get to it shortly. Data is recovered but not yet mined.

Wiki Info

John was going to look into ACLs * hasn't done anything yet. * creation of 2 groups, Board and Users

A couple of plugins were added.

OCLUG Branding Continuation

So, how about those stickers? Impressions? #### Tux “Maintenance”

I talked to RGB about shutting Tux down for a VPS solution and he offered to let us piggyback on one of his servers. I still think I'd prefer to have a VPS solution. We should have a quick discussion on this. If we stay, we still have the same issues regarding the possibility of a power outage while he is away. I'd like to reduce the “tied to a location” factor a lot. * Scott will set up a trial with a VPS for a year - hosted in Montreal. * Move everything as is over to the virtual environment

Not too sure about the static approach at this time, need to look at the functions and who is using them. * Need the dynamic to keep the job feed, Django is needed for this to work. * Will convert to static after it has been moved to the VPS

Board Meetings and Openness

  • The calendar item I mentioned will probably solve this. Meetings will be listed, as well as board meetings. The board meeting item will have a statement that the meetings are open to members.
  • I'm going to go ahead and create a shared calendar (Google Calendar)and give access to board members for editing. We can see how well it works before we inflict it upon the rest of the group.

Mailing List Rework

Still nothing. Still a item I'll be dealing with.

evaluating alternatives

Keeping this as an action item list for me: * Calendar system that allows subscriptions (see previous item as well) * Archiving of the old lists and making them available * Investigate upgrading Mailman to v3 or replace it with mlmmj

Planned Regular Meetings

Linux in the Wild 2017

July 16, 13:00 at Strathcona Park * We should have a demo of something - ideas? - My drone is out, no longer allowed to fly it there.


Speaker: Multiple I hope

Pi Night

  • Using a Raspberry Pi as a Software Defined Radio (Scott)
  • Raspberry Pi FM transmitter (Scott)
  • Remote camera for watching something?


  • John - NPFR?

List of possible topics

This is a live wish list. It should grow and shrink with the topics we come up with. It is good to have a reference so we don't lose possible topics. Feel free to add to the list.

  • Use the update of the wiki as fodder for discussion?
  • Blogging
  • Tools for making graphics in a productive fashion
  • Ditaa as a possible options
  • Mermaid as a possible options
  • GraphViz
  • Dia
  • Even raw SVG production might be of interest.
  • Node.js
  • MongoDB
  • Arduino Talk (Peter S)
  • AngularJS & VScode
  • Platform independency for application users: Why doesn't my program work on my computer?
  • MicroVAX (will be a topic after Scott gets it all working)
  • HW seems OK now that motherboard has been replaced
  • Issue getting the console working properly
  • PDP8 emulator & PiDP8 Hardware Panel
  • Scott Murphy (when completed)
  • Obsolete telephone reuse
  • Scott Murphy (has a project in the works)
  • Virtual Box and Docker integration

New business:

  • None


  • 20:30
  • Move to Adjourn Scott
  • Seconded John
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