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OCLUG Board meeting

Date: 2013-01-30, 19:00 Location: RGB's house


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  • Committes
    • User Group Connect
    • Volunteers
  • Servers
  • Finance Report
  • Other Business


  • Richard Guy Briggs
  • Rob Echlin
  • Scott Murphy
  • Aaron Wilcox
  • Ian Gorman


  • Mike Kenzie


  • Volunteers
    • Aaron reports there was a meeting on December 17th, 2012. 7 people present. There was mainly discussion of ideas for outreach and contact, setting up a wiki page on tux, setting up a contact email for help at oclug.
  • User Group Connect
    • notices have been sent out by Scott
    • Bills: insurance, 2 security guards, cleaners, meetup, food?, Google ad coupon
    • OCLUG now has a Meetup account, in order to promote UGC. Turns out you can only use it for repeating events, so it was used for the regular meetings as well.
    • BJB has done a lot of work on the web site.
    • Modlab, PrototypeD and Area51 were added to the list of groups to contact and invite.

Getty Images

  • We have heard nothing further.


  • tuxbis was rebooted to free up RGB's wattmeter.
  • Everything is prepared for a switch over from tux to tuxbis, but it was recommended to hold off until after UGC to avoid a service disruption before the event.
  • tux was rebooted to change it over to the ATS.
  • A couple of bits stand out as needing attention before cutover: Trac is in question. Ian! D. Allen has some personal stuff set up that is likely to break.
  • RGB has installed a fq_codel queuing discipline on his ADSL uplink to Teksavvy to reduce latency issues. (That would be a good OCLUG meeting talk.)

Finance Report

  • Mike told Rob that we had a net loss for the year, but that was due to deferred payments that were finally caught up (tux server connection services) but averaging it out, we are still ahead.

Other Business

  • Elections: April meeting is our AGM. We need to call an election. The term is one year. We need to confirm returning members, fill vacancies and vote if there are more candidates than positions. The 5 of us are willing. Mike may be willing by the time of the election.
  • Rob reports there is a young lad (TD) who was connected to the UGC meetings who may be interested.

Meeting adjourned at 21:23.

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