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Board Minutes January 2009

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Feel free to add an item of discussion to the OCLUG Board Agenda.

Next Meeting: 2009-02-24 (IRC)

Location: Roland's house.

When it's an irc meeting, use: server ( points there), chatroom #oclug-board.


  • approval of agenda
  September was not the last meeting we had.
  It was October, a brain storming session, and we approved the September minutes already.
  • Noting interim meetings we had.
  No meeting in November.
  January 6, board gathering at Tim Hortons. No minutes kept.
  • Review OclugBoardForwardAgenda

* Back to School with linux.
  Planning of event with CSSA in the Spring.
  • get new cards new cards, #13
  • bank-choices
MCR asked PC-Financial, and it is not an option.
  • upcoming meetings.
  • other
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