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===== Board:

  • Kelly Kendrick (x)
  • Scott Murphy (x)
  • Bruce Davis (x)
  • Ian Gorman (x)
  • John Nash (x)

===== Guests:

  • None

===== Start time:

  • 20:40
  • Motion to start - Scott
  • 2nded - John Nash

===== Location:

  • Slack - board channel

===== Review of any outstanding minutes

  • Approval of July minutes, assuming we have them ready.
  • Needs to be posted to the web site

====== Regular Agenda Items

===== Committee Reports

==== New to Linux (New Users)

Scott: I think Alex was working the room prior to the regular meeting.

There appeared to be a couple of new faces. Alex was going around asking people what they wanted to learn about or were interested in, so I left it at that.

  • New person

==== L3GO (Low Level Linux Group)


“No meeting this month, most people were not around. Group is not dead, but it did take a nap.”“

==== OCLUG Distro Project Update


“I've had it “pending” for a while, but have had quite a lot of follow-on from UseR!, including a request to make a proposal for some funding.””

==== Treasurer's Report


- “I still have not gone over to the branch to talk to them. I do have the binder right next to me, so I might remember to try tomorrow morning.”

John: - “I'll be happy to make time in next week if we need to do signing exercise.”


- “Should be able to next week. I’ll see what we need to do.”

Scott: - “I just looked at the materials in the binder. There is not much we need to be concerned with from the historic stuff. The last section in there is from 2010, along with a stack of annual statements. I do have the access card and the code, so I can check that at the branch tomorrow.”

=== TO DO Change account type so we only receive electronic copies If this does not allow for viewing online, then RBC offers this service. Maybe even TD. Tangerine might serve, but read-only and deposit access may be an issue. Get at least one additional signature on the bank account I need to visit the Bells Corners branch and find out if we can do it there or if we need to go downtown.

==== Room Allocation


September room is Dymon Storage in Kanata. I have to send a note to Richard Hagemeyer about the room for the next bit. I'd be happy to keep using the Police services building

==== Old Data Recovery

Scott No progress yet, Still have not spent any real time on this yet. I was expecting a house guest this week, but that got changed last minute. I'll attempt to extract data over the next couple of days. Wiki Info

Scott: I believe there is a maintenance update I should apply.

==== Tux “Maintenance” Scott:

- “Ancient Tux old presentation extraction… Not done yet. I have copied the data up to primary storage, just need to expand and grab old presentations and dates. Maybe even get some meeting data to add to the wiki.

- Current Tux wiki has a pending update I received an email about. I’ll take care of it unless someone else has done it already.”

- I have a VPS server, so I'm going to set up a “new Tux” on that and bring over the existing applications. This will take a little time, as I need to make sure it all works. The good news there is that I have at least worked with the stuff we use so I can make it all work :)

  • Once that is done, we can revisit the use if Django
  • Once we port it, we can retire the physical one.
  • The new mailing list software will be part of the rebuild, as well as getting a community calendar in place.

==== Board Meetings and Openness

I expect I'll have this up and running shortly. As I said previously, I'm going to go ahead and create a shared calendar and give access to board members for editing. We can see how well it works before we inflict it upon the rest of the group. Mailing List Rework

Still nothing. Still an item I'll be dealing with.

No activity on this list yet - keeping this as an action item list for me: Calendar system that allows subscriptions (see previous item as well) Archiving of the old lists and making them available Investigate upgrading Mailman to v3 or replace it with mlmmj # Planned Regular Meetings

=== September???

  • Based on the earlier comments, there will only be Ian, Bruce and myself there. Since it is at Dymon, I should get all of those old laptops ready to bring down.


  • I am developing a program for extracting information from a PBX log. It is fare enough along to show and demo. Python, edited in Windows and tested in both “Linux” Systems for Windows and Ubuntu.


  • “ I’ll mark you as a speaker for September. We might want a slightly more engaging title.”

=== October

Speaker: Rob Eichlan

Topic: Gitlab

Speaker: ???

Topic: ???

=== November (I will be away)

John: - “I'll volunteer to shepherd the Nov. meeting, but won't be able to start organizing until end of Sept.”

- ask Peter S about an Arduino talk (Tenative) - Topic: Automating a house with Arduino (Tenative) - check with the EXIF guy first. If he is interested, offer January or November. travel is probably better in November. Based on that, see if we can line up the Arduino talk for the other meeting.

=== December - Topic: Scripting and batch files

=== January - Topic: EXIF - Expenses to be offered (Gas and meals) - May swap with November talk to avoid winter travel depending on the speakers.

===== List of possible topics

This is a live wish list. It should grow and shrink with the topics we come up with. It is good to have a reference so we don't lose possible topics. Feel free to add to the list. [X] indicates we did this one.

  • Use the update of the wiki as fodder for discussion? [X]
  • Blogging
  • Tools for making graphics in a productive fashion
  • Ditaa as a possible options
  • Mermaid as a possible options
  • GraphViz
  • Dia

E- ven raw SVG production might be of interest.

  • Node.js
  • MongoDB
  • Arduino Talk (Peter S)
  • AngularJS & VScode
  • Platform independency for application users: Why doesn't my program work on my computer? [X]
  • MicroVAX (will be a topic after Scott gets it all working)
  • HW seems OK now that motherboard has been replaced
  • Procuring an additional one that might allow me to figure out the remaining issues
  • Issue getting the console working properly
  • PDP8 emulator & PiDP8 Hardware Panel
  • – Scott Murphy (when completed)
  • - Obsolete telephone reuse
  • – Scott Murphy (has a project in the works) (getting back to that)
  • - Virtual Box and Docker integration

===== New business:

===== Adjournment:

  • Motion to adjourn - Ian
  • Seconded - Scott
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