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OCLUG Board Meeting

Date: August 25, 2016

Meeting convened

  • 19:13


  • Ian Gorman [present]
  • Scott Murphy [present]
  • John Nash [present]
  • Bruce Davis [present]
  • Kelly Kendrick [present]

Review of any outstanding minutes

  • Minutes for June approved. No board meeting in July.

Proposed Topics for the meeting

  • Topic review for rest of year
    • Speaker assignment
  • New speaking topics to add?
  • Topics for Jan, Feb, March, April
  • Feedback on how well Algonquin as a location is working out
  • Room booking for the rest of the year
  • Do we want to do the Raspberry Pi Day this fall?
  • Other business

Review of any outstanding business

  • No outstanding business

Planned future meetings

  • September
    • Ransomware (if we can get a room booked)
      • Speaker: Patrick Malcolm
      • May be postponed to another month
  • October
    • Micro VAX (Tentative)
      • Speaker: Scott Murphy
    • Clusters (Tentative)
      • Speaker: Scott Murphy
  • November
    • Docker (Tentative)
      • Speaker: Scott Murphy
    • Rocker (Tentative)
      • Speaker: John Nash
  • December
    • Festival - Speech Synthesizer (Tentative)
      • Speaker: Scott Murphy
  • January
    • Topic
      • Speaker:
  • February
    • Topic
      • Speaker:
  • March
    • Topic
      • Speaker:
  • April
    • AGM
    • Election
    • Topic
      • Speaker:

Ideas for future meetings

  • Package Management
    • R package Management
    • Speaker: John Nash
  • Zombies/botnets
    • Speaker:

New Business

Algonquin Location

  • Overall consensus seems to be positive
    • There is Parking
    • Access by bus
    • Minor inconvenience with projector
    • Minor inconvenience with room changes
    • Possibility of getting students to show up
    • Free is better than not, as with the Library
  • Result: Keep Algonquin as a location for the foreseeable future.

Room booking

  • In limbo due to waiting for Richard Hagemyer to get back to us about the September 1 booking before the actual meeting. Otherwise, we may have to postpone the meeting.

Raspberry Pi Day

  • Agreement to have one
  • Need to find a venue
  • Saturday preferred to get a whole day
  • get info from Richard as to what events worked at previous Raspberry Pi days
  • Advertise event through Buy a Pi (?)
  • Late October
  • Perhaps find some Halloween related projects

Other business

  • Let membership know that we are looking for topics and speakers
  • Kelly handed off corporate registration documents to Bruce


  • 20:16
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