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OCLUG Board Agenda ¶

Feel free to add an item of discussion to the OCLUG Board Agenda.

Next Meeting: 2010-04-20.

Location: Nash (373 Laurier E, #903)

When it's an irc meeting, use: server ( points there), chatroom #oclug-board. Agenda ¶

Present: All but Eric. Location: Nash residence

  • Approval of agenda


  • Approve Last Month's Board Meeting Minutes BoardMinutesMarch2010 (note that some members not present)


  • Board named positions (mainly for purposes of change form)

Mike Kenzie – Treasurer John Nash – President Eric Brackenbury – Secretary Lisa Lovchik – VP

  • Change of address for corporation

MCR has offered.

   470 Dawson Avenue, Ottawa, ON K1S 2L4
  • Resolution for Bank

The Board approved a change of the signing officers for the OCLUG bank account # 4527987, to Mike Kenzie, Treasurer, John C. Nash, President, Lisa Lovchik, Vice-President, Roland Renaud, Director, and John Sebastien Taylor, Director, and that these be the only signing officers at this time.


  • Agree process for change of signing officers

Roland will send name to John. John will determine what is needed for change of signatories and for change of branch. Preferred Merivale.

  • Donations April 2010 meeting to Treasurer

ACTION: cheque from JN (also annual donation)

  • Verify AGM Minutes (approval will be at next year's meeting)

OK but add Margaret's report. ACTION: JN

  • Update on action items from last Board meeting

SysAdmin access: ACTION: update list and add new board members. Find and safeguard root pw.

  • Looking for locations for doing tutorials

ACTION: John may be able to get space at University of Ottawa, will look into this.

      Mike to check Exit Certified situation.
  • Replacement for Programming Olympics

Look into doing some sort of student contest at the Science and Technology Museum.

ACTION: John to follow up with contact at museum.
Link to Randal Memorial
  • Potential hardware upgrade for TUX (new machine)

Looking at a budget around $800 - $1000 for new machine

JN spoke to RGB: U2 rack size.
ACTION: Talk it up at meetings and possibly on lists.
  • Review OclugBoardForwardAgenda

TBD * April 2010: what to do in place of programming olympics??

decision    * April 2010: change corporate address
decision    * April 2010: Book room for next 3-4 months
TBD    * April 2010: Make sure to book Vincent Massey site for July
  	decision	* May 2010: Set up signing authorities
  	TBD * June 2010: Linux in the Wild planning (July17, to coincide with OLS)
  • Emails for Board: John ST will look into lists and what they are doing and email aliases.
  • Upcoming meetings
  • May: Net Neutrality (MCR)

Ubuntu 10.4 - what's new? (who?)

        June: GPS (Eric + )
	Boot sequence for linux 
        Ideas on filesystems
        July: LiTW July 17. Suggestion is Strathcona Pk (or alternate) and picnic rather than BBQ
	ACTION: JN to tell Margaret to drop reservation
		Announce at next meeting
		Post request / announcement on list(s) for volunteers
		Plan for food / other stuff?
  • Sysadmin for tux (who is doing this?)

ACTION: JST to ask Ian.

                      Add Mike to
  • Serving different classes of users

Boot camp

	Coffee "Linux Hour" (Tux Tuesday)
  • Memorial for Randal Leavitt

Mike to prepare 1 pager with idea.

  • OCLUG History

Motion to adjourn: 10:55

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