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OCLUG Board Meeting April 22, 2018



  • Kelly Kendrick [x]
  • Scott Murphy [x]
  • Bruce Davis [x]
  • Ian Gorman [ ]
  • John Nash [x]
  • Tug Williams [x]
  • Ed Hong [x]


Start time:



Greenview Meeting Room

Call to order

  • Scott
  • Kelly

Review of any outstanding minutes

  • Approved

Approval of previous minutes.

Regular Agenda Items

Committee Reports

New to Linux (New Users)

Scott: We had three new people asking questions. I was engaged for a while and then had to beg off in order to greet people and talk about the election. Bruce took over for a while. Bruce could probably expand on the discussion. The portion I remember was him wanting to build a distro from the ground up. I think I mentioned Gentoo at that point as a method of achieving success rather than starting with compiling a boot loader and a kernel and building from there. Linux from Scratch I believe. Tug arrived somewhere around then and had something to say about Gentoo.

We also discovered we were sharing the room with the Algonquin folks, as that had not been mentioned to me. Good thing I didn’t try to eject people.

L3GO (Low Level Linux Group)

I saw an email attempt to be delivered to L3GO from RGB last week, so I guess that there was a meeting?


  • not at meeting

OCLUG Customized Bunsen Labs Distro Project Update


  • Aimed towards learning more than something for production
  • Wants to encourage participation in the project
  • Looking into ways of remastering the instance
  • still ongoing

Treasurer’s Report


  • not it meeting but the balance is unlikely to have changed

AGM 2018 Commentary

  • We had 22 people on the list, so we made the numbers. We do not need to do that again in May.
  • Perhaps we should make the required attendance a little lower, like 15 people? Lower the bar so we can make this happen without having to look for proxies.
  • We have two new board members:
    • Tug Williams
    • Ed Hong
  • The secretary needs to get personal information from the new members for the purposes of the corporate paperwork.

Mailing List Rework

  • The new list in active and delivers email I have not yet got the archive online. That may be changed by the time we look at this on Sunday.
  • I have all of the old list archives, and they will be added.
  • L3GO is also hosted on the new server. Same ideas as for the Linux list.

The list of repeating sessions

One of the things we discussed with the old board was a series of talks we do every year, mostly as a touchstone showing what has changed or stayed the same. The list of talks we have had are:

  • 2018 March Meeting: March Meeting: The new Linux-Ottawa (OCLUG) site
  • 2018 February Meeting: February Meeting: Micro Community ISP upgrade & PirateBox revisited
  • 2018 January Meeting: January Meeting: SSD vs. Spinning Rust and discussion
  • 2017 December Meeting: December Meeting: Scripting and script examples
  • 2017 November Meeting: November Meeting: Setting up a VPS / Krack wifi exploit
  • 2017 October Meeting: October Meeting: GitLab services and PBX log extraction
  • 2017 September Meeting: September Meeting: Splitting Logs & Ad Hoc collaboration
  • 2017 August Meeting: August Meeting: Hybrid tablet Linux & Bookmaking
  • 2017 LITW: 2017 LITW: The Canada 150 Edition
  • 2017 July Meeting: July Meeting: RaspberryPi/Arduino open discussion
  • 2017 June Meeting: June Meeting: HTML150 + UEFI Learning Experiences
  • 2017 May Meeting: May Meeting: Can-It Advanced Features & Surface Pro 4 linux
  • 2017 April Meeting: April Meeting: AGM, Static Sites revisited and filesystem discussion
  • 2017 March Meeting: March Meeting: DTMF Generator on Rotary Phone & OS Agnostic Computing
  • 2017 February Meeting: February Meeting: Deep Neural Networks & GalliumOS on a Chromebook
  • 2017 January Meeting: January Meeting: Speech Synthesis & Linux on the Surface
  • 2016 December Meeting: December Meeting: PDF data extraction & What do we use Linux for?
  • 2016 November Meeting: November Meeting: Tiny Clusters & Portable Toolkits
  • 2016 October Meeting: October Meeting: Ransomware
  • 2016 September Meeting: September Meeting: Cancelled
  • 2016 August Meeting: August Meeting: Overview of Intellectual Property Issues in Open-Source Software, ongoing projects update
  • 2016 LITW: July Meeting: LITW 2016
  • 2016 July Meeting: July Meeting: Rescheduled: Block box testing and short dashing presentation
  • 2016 June Meeting: June Meeting: Block box testing and short dashing presentation
  • 2016 May Meeting: May Meeting: Presentation frustrations and Block box testing
  • 2016 April Meeting: April Meeting: AGM, IPv6 talk, Presentation issues and maybe more
  • 2016 March Meeting: March Meeting: (Updated) Scanning Woes, Pandoc bugs, Let’s Encrypt
  • 2016 February Meeting: February Meeting: Libreoffice and more
  • 2016 January Meeting: January Meeting: Ansible talk
  • 2015 December Meeting: December Meeting: Distro Talk 2015
  • 2015 November Meeting: November Meeting: Malware Reverse Engineering
  • 2015 October Meeting: October Meeting: Short topics and open talk night
  • 2015 September Meeting: September Meeting: Cancelled
  • 2015 August Meeting: August Meeting: Using browsers securely
  • 2015 LITW: 2015 LITW: LITW 2015
  • 2015 June Meeting: June Meeting: From Latex to Epub, and in between
  • 2015 May Meeting: May Meeting: FIRST Robotics Competition
  • 2015 April Meeting: April Meeting: AGM and mutt presentation
  • 2015 March Meeting: March Meeting: The GNU EMACS Editor
  • 2015 February Meeting: February Meeting: Short Topics and BoF
  • 2015 January Meeting: January Meeting: Recent interesting legal news regarding open-source software
  • 2014 December Meeting: December Meeting: Vim Talk
  • 2014 November Meeting: November Meeting: BoF Session
  • 2014 October Meeting: October Meeting: Intro to Arduino
  • 2014 September Meeting: September Meeting: Open Topics and Swap Meet
  • 2014 August Meeting: August Meeting: A Short Introduction the Ecere SDK
  • 2014 LITW: 2014 LITW: Linux In The Wild 2014
  • 2014 June Meeting: June Meeting: BBQ, Beer, BOFs
  • 2014 May Meeting: May Meeting: Experiences with Modern Document Production
  • 2014 April Meeting: April Meeting: AGM and EEC Memory Talk
  • 2014 March Meeting: March Meeting: OO+R, systemd, UEFI installations and GPG key signing for interested persons
  • 2014 February Meeting: February Meeting: OpenOffice and R, GPG update
  • 2014 January Meeting: January Meeting: Open Discussion on UEFI
  • 2013 December Meeting: December Meeting: Regular expressions, asterPibx followup, presentation software, and BOFs
  • 2013 November Meeting: November Meeting: Virtualization Intro and Device Trees
  • 2013 October Meeting: October Meeting: Remastersys, Asterisk on Raspberry Pi, BoFs
  • 2013 September Meeting: September Meeting: Introduction to the Suckless Project
  • 2013 August Meeting: August Meeting: Using VMs for Special Purposes, SUSEstudio talk and BTRFS presentation
  • 2013 July Meeting: July Meeting: Linux in the Wild 2013
  • 2013 June Meeting: June Meeting: Too much RAM breaks Internet! News at 7!
  • 2013 May Meeting: May Meeting: OpenStack Cloud Software
  • 2013 April Meeting: April Meeting: Annual General Meeting
  • 2013 March Meeting: March Meeting: Output! One way or another!
  • 2013 February Meeting: February Meeting: Share, Share
  • 2013 January Meeting: January Meeting: Graphical output - newsletters in Linux
  • 2012 December Meeting: December Meeting: Email backup from an IMAP server
  • 2012 November Meeting: November Meeting: Creating an Oracle RAC Cluster in VirtualBox
  • 2012 October Meeting: October Meeting: GPG Key Signing
  • 2012 September Meeting: September Meeting: Android SDK!
  • 2012 August Meeting: August Meeting: Debian’s got packages!
  • 2012 LITW: 2012 LITW: Linux in the Wild 2012
  • 2012 June Meeting: June Meeting: Programming devices, hands on
  • 2012 May Meeting: May Meeting: Wordpress for professionals, Gerbi-CMS
  • 2012 April Meeting: April Meeting: 2012 AGM + Games
  • 2012 March Meeting: March Meeting: Not your Gramma’s “Dr. Who” robot!
  • 2012 February Meeting: February Meeting: Web site install fest!
  • 2012 January Meeting: January Meeting: January meeting canceled
  • 2011 December Meeting: December Meeting: Getting your next gig
  • 2011 November Meeting: November Meeting: Huxly Linux, Yocto! It’s embedded!
  • 2011 October Meeting: October Meeting: The Edison Approach: Science helps the office
  • 2011 September Meeting: September Meeting: Linux Games and Other Fun
  • 2011 August Meeting: August Meeting: Distros, Window Managers, tools - Demo your fave!
  • 2011 LITW: 2011 LITW: Linux in the Wild
  • 2011 June Tutorial: June Tutorial: Leavitt Memorial Seminar: The GIMP
  • 2011 June Meeting: June Meeting: VirtualBox on Ubuntu / Inner workings of a Darknet
  • 2011 May Meeting: May Meeting: OCLUG AGM, IPv6 summit report and discussion
  • 2011 Special Event: Special Event: Ottawa IPv6 Summit
  • 2011 April Meeting: April Meeting: Python 2 and Python 3
  • 2011 March Meeting: March Meeting: Remote Access
  • 2011 February Meeting: February Meeting: Kernel Modules
  • 2011 January Meeting: January Meeting: PS3 Super Computing Cluster
  • 2010 December Meeting: December Meeting: BSD and Computers for Communities
  • 2010 November Meeting: November Meeting: expect-lite and Ubuntu hiccups
  • 2010 October Meeting: October Meeting: October Board Meeting
  • 2010 October Meeting: October Meeting: World Domination and Control, over USB
  • 2010 Special Event: Special Event: Software Freedom Day
  • 2010 September Meeting: September Meeting: The R statistical language
  • 2010 August Meeting: August Meeting: GNews and GIMP
  • 2010 LITW: 2010 LITW: Linux in the Wild
  • 2010 June Meeting: June Meeting: GNU Lilypond and GPS in Linux
  • 2010 May Meeting: May Meeting: Disk Partitioning, Ubuntu LTS, Net Neutrality
  • 2010 AGM: 2010 AGM: OCLUG AGM, USB key Linux
  • 2010 March Meeting: March Meeting: Digital Photography with Linux
  • 2010 February Meeting: February Meeting: Real time and embedded Linux
  • 2010 January Meeting: January Meeting: and ethical hacking
  • 2009 December Meeting: December Meeting: Myth TV
  • 2009 November Meeting: November Meeting: Tracking code changes in a distributed environment
  • 2009 October Meeting: October Meeting: Virtualization panel
  • 2009 Special Event: Special Event: Back to School With Linux
  • 2009 September Meeting: September Meeting: SED part 2 and Music production distros
  • 2009 August Meeting: August Meeting: SED stream editor
  • 2009 LITW: 2009 LITW: Linux in the Wild
  • 2009 June Meeting: June Meeting: Linux Distributions - Panel Discussion
  • 2009 May Meeting: May Meeting: New to Linux BOF summary and Regular Expressions
  • 2009 Special Event: Special Event: End of School with Linux
  • 2009 AGM: 2009 AGM: Jamii OLPC, FOSSLC Summercamp, BOF Sessions
  • 2009 March Meeting: March Meeting: SETI and Wine
  • 2009 February Meeting: February Meeting: Australian Linux Conference, HDR photography
  • 2009 January Meeting: January Meeting: Linux and Photography
  • 2008 December Meeting: December Meeting: Shamir’s Secret Sharing, QCad
  • 2008 November Meeting: November Meeting: Wordpress and etckeeper
  • 2008 October Meeting: October Meeting: Asterisk
  • 2008 September Meeting: September Meeting: OpenCOBOL and Django
  • 2008 August Tutorial: August Tutorial: Kernel Walkthrough: The Boot Process
  • 2008 August Meeting: August Meeting: The REBOL thinking environment
  • 2008 LITW: 2008 LITW: Linux in the Wild
  • 2008 June Tutorial: June Tutorial: Kernel Walkthrough: Source Tree Layout
  • 2008 June Meeting: June Meeting: Opera web browser, IPv6
  • 2008 May Meeting: May Meeting: Neuros OSD/Copyright Update, OSBR and Ingres
  • 2008 AGM: 2008 AGM: Annual General Meeting 2008
  • 2008 March Meeting: March Meeting: BIND Name Server Administration
  • 2008 February Meeting: February Meeting: Dell Ubuntu Linux, LCA09 Tasmania
  • 2008 January Meeting: January Meeting: Linux at White Wind Zen Community, Nokia Linux PDAs and Cell Phone Integration
  • 2007 December Meeting: December Meeting: Wireless Networking at Storm, OCLUG web tools
  • 2007 November Meeting: November Meeting: Remind Calendar Tool, ASUS eeePC
  • 2007 October Meeting: October Meeting: Backups with amanda 2.5.xx
  • 2007 September Tutorial: September Tutorial: OpenWRT Linux on the WRT54GL ABOUT EXITCERTIFIED
  • 2007 September Meeting: September Meeting: Linux on WRT54GL, Bembed, Webcams
  • 2007 August Meeting: August Meeting: Building a Coding Dojo, Future of OSS scientific software
  • 2007 LITW: 2007 LITW: Linux in the Wild
  • 2007 June Meeting: June Meeting: One Laptop per Child
  • 2007 May Tutorial: May Tutorial: Redesigning the OCLUG web site with Django ABOUT EXITCERTIFIED
  • 2007 May Meeting: May Meeting: Linux on laptops lighting talks
  • 2007 April Tutorial: April Tutorial: Inkscape ABOUT EXITCERTIFIED
  • 2007 AGM: 2007 AGM: Annual General Meeting 2007, Transgaming/Cedega
  • 2007 March Tutorial: March Tutorial: Introduction to GIT ABOUT EXITCERTIFIED
  • 2007 March Meeting: March Meeting: Xen and virtualization
  • 2007 February Meeting: February Meeting: Asterisk and VoIP, Fractal Poetry
  • 2007 January Meeting: January Meeting: Window Manager Bakeoff
  • 2006 December Meeting: December Meeting: Embedded Development with UML 2
  • 2006 November Meeting: November Meeting: Linux out of the box, National Capital Freenet
  • 2006 October Meeting: October Meeting: Corporate Services, SSH public key authentication
  • 2006 July Meeting: July Meeting: Smalltalk Application Server, TIPC
  • 2006 AGM: 2006 AGM: Annual General Meeting 2006, Urwid, mom and groff
  • 2006 March Meeting: March Meeting: Efficient Use of GIT
  • 2006 February Meeting: February Meeting: PostgreSQL
  • 2006 January Meeting: January Meeting: Lightning Talks

From this list, we need a few items to repeat annually. Suggestions are:

  • Outreach - to introduce more people to Linux
    • Work arounds
    • Equivalencies
    • Who are the target audiences?
      • People who want server/websites
      • People who want home/office based servers
      • People who want to run a family/community server
      • People who want alternatives to Facebook
    • Workshops for the public?
  • Distro talk
  • Scripting
  • Lighting Talk night - Ignite format

Planned Regular Meetings



Scott Murphy


Virtualizing old hardware.




Controversial Topic (Short topic)?



John Nash


Desiderata for interfaces, CLI or GUI







Practical demo of Let's Encrypt



Linux in the Wild

  • Same as last year I would think. Location: Strathcona Park Date: Second Sunday on July @ 13:00

List of possible topics

This is a live wish list. It should grow and shrink with the topics we come up with. It is good to have a reference so we don’t lose possible topics. Feel free to add to the list. [X] indicates we did this one.

  • Use the update of the wiki as fodder for discussion? [X]
  • Blogging
  • Tools for making graphics in a productive fashion
    • Ditaa as a possible options
    • Mermaid as a possible options
    • GraphViz
    • Dia
    • Even raw SVG production might be of interest.
  • Node.js
  • MongoDB
  • Arduino Talk (Peter S) [X]
  • AngularJS & VScode
  • Platform independency for application users: Why doesn’t my program work on my computer? [X]
  • MicroVAX (will be a topic after Scott gets it all working)
    • HW seems OK now that motherboard has been replaced
    • Procuring an additional one that might allow me to figure out the remaining issues
    • Issue getting the console working properly
    • New (to me) VAX is on the way (I have it, still in the box)
  • PDP8 emulator & PiDP8 Hardware Panel (More of a short talk) ** Scott Murphy (when completed)
  • Obsolete telephone reuse ** Scott Murphy (has a project in the works) (getting back to that)
  • Need to get back to this
  • Virtual Box and Docker integration
    • Have done a few things with this. Need to put together something
  • Virtualizing a Physical machine remotely, using old tools for new tricks. [X]
  • Grace Hopper Memorial evening - Stories of Bugs
  • Hardware Show and Tell
  • Backup Software
  • Privacy and Security

New business:

  • Possibility of video presentations from non-local speakers
  • Pi Day (of the Raspberry variety)
  • Possibility of a 1 article per year on the wiki for each member


  • Motioned: Kelly
  • Seconded: Ed
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