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OCLUG Board Meeting Aug 23, 2021



  • Bruce Davis (x)
  • Brett Delmage (x)
  • Ian Gorman ()
  • Marc Moleman (x)
  • Scott Murphy (x)
  • John Nash (x)
  • Tug Wiliams ()


  • None as of yet

Start time:




The URL will be:

Review of any outstanding minutes

  • Approval of previous minutes.
    • (If the link does not resolve, the minutes are not posted).

Regular Agenda Items

Committee Reports

New to Linux (New Users)

  • On hiatus since we are using the first talk for this purpose.

Linux-Ottawa Distro Project

  • Marc has been getting a couple of systems together for for the purposes of doing some installs and documentation (work in progress)

Treasurer’s Report

  • Scott has logged in again (Aug 14), no change from the previous balance, no added notation. John logged in as well on the same day.
  • John has successfully logged in (same day).
  • Haven’t talked to Ian about getting an encrypted password

Motion to Change the Board Meeting Night

  • Based on the recent emails, the preference would be to have the meeting on the last Monday of the month unless it occurs in the same week as a regularly scheduled meeting. In plain English, 10 days before the normal meeting night.
  • If the motion carries, we will change the night as described above.
  • Motion was passed

Mailing List

  • This project has created a second project, upgrade to Debian 11, which will also remove the ability to utilize mailman2 as an initial jump to mailman3
  • This will now require a rebuild of the new server to Debian 11.
  • Scott will take care of it when given the green light by Brett.
  • We have not set a cut-over date for this yet, but we will cut over to a brand new system with all fresh software installs.
  • Brett was having technical issues (from chat)

“Brett says:I have been working with Debian 11 on another server with Mailman. Junk that will be blown away ( maybe I should check one last time) The project as a whole is maybe a bit rough on documentation. I have approached it from various directions. The Debian apt, yes there is one docker, that is. But there have been all kinds of chat on the MM3 list the past two weeks with someone trying to get it working. Honestly, I have been thinking of how to get MM2 going on Debian 11. BUT Mm2 is end of Life, so that’s problematic way to move ahead too…MM2 uses Python 2 which is also EOL…”


  • If people have looked at it, I’m willing to utilize it. If we need more time, that works too
  • Scott created and reset multiple accounts
  • We played around and the calendar
  • John with having issues (Thunderbird client password)

The list of repeating sessions

  • This is still a thing to review. Has anyone looked at it yet?
    • We should review our repeating sessions list and see if we want to continue them all.

Upcoming Regular Meetings

We discussed a few things, but I have not reviewed the list yet. Bring ideas!

  • John may speak about text editors (September)
  • J-F has future New2Linux topic (October)
  • Brett to talk about mailman3 (November)
  • December is typically our scripting month


  • Speaker: John Nash
    • Topic: New2Linux: Editors
  • Speaker: Scott Murphy
    • Topic: Balena “cloud service” results


  • Speaker: J-F Messier
    • Topic: New2Linux: VPNs
  • Speaker: Scott Murphy
    • Topic:


  • Speaker: Brett Delmage
    • Topic: New2Linux: Mailman3
  • Speaker: Scott Murphy
    • Topic:


  • Speaker: Various (audience participation encouraged)
    • Topic: Annual scripting talk

Saturday Event - Leavitt Memorial

  • This is just here so we do not forget it.
    • Date: Unknown - post Covid-19
    • Location: Undecided - library?
    • Summary: How to do an install on your “recent” computer
    • Laptop give-away (assuming we have a few)
      • Scott has a few, but they need to be recovered from storage and tested

New Business

  • Motions from the floor
  • Nil


  • John proposed adjournment 20:13
  • Seconded by Bruce
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