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April 4, 2019

Annual General Meeting

Once a year we must “elect” a new Board. In recent years we have not had to refuse any nomination, since we have some flexibility in our numbers. This year all but one current Board members have indicated a willingness to remain. Our duties are fairly light:

  • maintain the website
  • maintain the mailing list
  • organize meetings and speakers (our biggest task)

The current Board slate is oclugboardelection2019

  • Building on one of the ideas for future talks, Scott is going to talk about getting started with Linux, specifically what needs to be covered in a guide for new users. This will be a discussion format, as we have people who are still getting started and may have better ideas than those who have been at it for decades.
  • John is going to go over creation of a live USB distro. Goals, features, etc. This will go well with the previous talk as we would like to incorporate some of that into a guide to getting started.
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