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About the Website

The main website is run on Debian GNU/Linux with Apache and Django. The Wiki portion is run with Dokuwiki.

The rest of this information is fairly out of date and will be updated soon.

The web server is a dual 650MHz P3 with 1GB of RAM. The server was contributed by Jay Lawrence, the RAM was contributed by Peter Sjoberg and the hard drives were contributed by Scott Murphy. The massive task of migrating from our older hardware was undertaken by Brenda J. Butler. Our wiki has further hardware details.

How to Contribute


The website is an open-source project. The webmaster is merely the benevolent dictator for the site, with veto power on any changes, coordinating work items and editing patches. The current webmaster is reachable at: webmaster at

Anyone wishing to contribute to the site may do so. Development of the site is carried out on Simply reporting problems or making suggestions are a great help.


There are currently three forums for the Webmasters to use for site development. See “Mailing Lists” from the home page's main menu.

  • The Linux discussion mailing list
  • The OCLUG Wiki
  • The OCLUG IRC channel

The Wiki is a good place for to-do lists and such. As of this writing, there is one Website To-Do List on the Wiki. The mailing list may be used for discussion with other OCLUG members, and the IRC channel for quick questions and online meetings. Problem reports and suggestions may be submitted to the ticket system on the Wiki (after you register an account).

Access to the Code

Follow the instructions for working on the source code remotely.

Site Update Process

The wiki has some information about the site update process. The site code is fairly new and this information is likely to change.

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