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AGM – May 3, 2011

NOTE: Under construction as at 2011-5-5

The meeting was called to order at approximately 19:15 as we needed to wait to ensure quorum of 20 listed members.

The membership list has been updated by Roland Renaud and John Nash in accordance with the Bylaws. There had not been a serious attempt to do this since 2007, and of the nearly 150 email addresses on that list, fewer than 30 responded on the first broadcast. With some secondary effort and names verified at the meeting, we now have almost 50 verified members and suspect that there are more who will confirm in the next few weeks.

The President gave his report (attached to this page as pdf).

The Treasurer gave the financial report, including mention of recent IPv6 Summit positive outcome. At the time of the meeting, there are still some invoices pending for this event. Note that our financial statements end with the calendar year.

2010 OCLUG financials

INCOME Statement   --  Ottawa Canada Linux Users Group

For the period ending December 31, 2010

   Bank income                                   2.30
   Member Donations                            664.07

   Total Income	                               666.37


Bank charges						 0.60
Picnic Expenses						50.36
dns							20.99
Total Expenses						71.95

NET INCOME						594.42

Notes : no special events held this year

			Balance Sheet
		Ottawa Canada Linux Users Group
			December 31, 2010


closing balance		    $4,973.99
CS-coop share 			15.00


OCLUG Equity	 	4988.99

We had only 4 names for the Board of Directors, though at least one person present is considering putting their name forward. The outgoing President (JN) noted that spur-of-the-moment volunteers may regret their enthusiasm, and that offers from those who have given thought to their candidacy are likely to have more positive outcomes. Jean Richard (?? to be verified) moved and Bruce Miller seconded that the existing candidates be confirmed, and this was approved unanimously.

The formal business of the meeting was then concluded and Bart Trojanowski and James Puderer presented a brief report on the IPv6 Summit while photos by Richard Guy Briggs were displayed.

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