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 +===== Linux Distribution Selection =====
 +On page Win2Lin, Eric B asks for suggestions on a suitable distro.
 +A Linux distribution (or distro) is simply a collection of programs
 +that have been tested to work together and selected for a target
 +The audience might want a rock solid server, an easy to learn distro,
 +a lean subset for a small computer (eg: netbook) or a toolkit for
 +learning about or testing and developing bleeding edge software.
 +Programs from one distro can usually be run on a different one but since
 +many programs require a toolkit or other programs to already be installed,
 +it might save you some trouble if the distro has these installed by default.
 +There are numerous distributions. ​ Selecting one depends on what you
 +need it to do:
 +  - Run an embedded system. ​ There might be many constraints here.
 +  - Replace another operating system for running business applications,​ code development or reducing licensing costs.
 +  - Learn about Linux because your employer, or potential employer, is using it for projects you'd like to get volved with. The decision has probably already been made for you.
 +  - Learn about Linux and the interesting programs it runs.
 +Here are some notes on some major distros and why you might select one
 +of them:
 +  * Ubuntu - Easy to learn for new users.
 +  * Debian - Ubuntu is based on this.  More features ​
 +  * [[:"​RedhatCentOS"​]] - Red Hat Enterprise Linux or CentOS. ​ Older, time tested software for servers and commercial use.
 +  * Fedora Core - Bleeding edge software being developed for RHEL.
 +Here are some other articles that might help:
 +  * http://​​how-to-select-a-linux-distribution/​2008/​11/​21 How to Select A Linux Distribution
 +  * http://​​50226711/​best_way_to_select_your_linux_distribution.php Best way to select your Linux distribution
 +  * http://​​tips/​select-best-linux-desktop-distribution.html Which Linux Desktop Distribution is the best for me?
 +A search like this will find more information:​\\
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