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 +====== Steps to Add a New Wiki Page ======
 +  - Choose a name for your new page. See WikiPageNames for naming conventions.
 + 2. Edit an existing page (or any other resources that support WikiFormatting) and add a [[:TracLinks|link]] to your new page. Save your changes.
 + 3. Follow the link you created to take you to the new page. Trac will display a "describe PageName here" message.
 + 4. Click the "Edit this page" button to edit and add content to your new page. Save your changes.
 + 5. All done. Your new page is published.
 +You can skip the second step by entering the CamelCase name of the page in the quick-search field at the top of the page. But note that the page will effectively be "orphaned" unless you link to it from somewhere else.
 +See also: TracWiki, WikiFormatting, TracLinks, WikiDeletePage
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