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 +====== The Trac Wiki Engine ======
 +Trac has a built-in wiki engine, used for text and documentation throughout the system. WikiFormatting is used in [[:​TitleIndex|wiki pages]], [[:​TracTickets|tickets]] and [[:​TracChangeset|check-in log messages]]. ​ This allows for formatted text and hyperlinks in and between all Trac modules.
 +Editing wiki text is easy, using any web browser and a simple [[WikiFormatting|formatting system]], rather than more complex markup languages like HTML.  The reasoning behind its design is that HTML, with its large collection of nestable tags, is too complicated to allow fast-paced editing, and distracts from the actual content of the pages. Note though that Trac also supports [[WikiHtml|HTML]],​ [[WikiRestructuredText|reStructuredText]] and [[http://​​tools/​textile/​|Textile]] as alternative markup formats.
 +The main goal of the wiki is to make editing text easier and //​encourage//​ people to contribute and annotate text content for a project.
 +The wiki itself does not enforce any structure, but rather resembles a stack of empty sheets of paper, where you can organize information and documentation as you see fit, and later reorganize if necessary.
 +For more help on editing wiki text, see these pages:
 +  * WikiFormatting
 +  * WikiPageNames
 +  * WikiNewPage
 +  * TracLinks
 +  * WikiMacros
 +  * WikiProcessors
 +If you want to practice editing, please use the SandBox.
 +Some more information about wiki on the web:
 +  * http://​​wiki/​Wiki
 +  * http://​​cgi/​wiki?​WikiHistory
 +  * http://​​cgi-bin/​​WhyWikiWorks
 +See also: TracGuide
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