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 +====== Using Search ======
 +Trac has a built-in search engine to allow finding occurrences of keywords and substrings in wiki pages, tickets and changeset descriptions.
 +Using the Trac search facility is straightforward and its interface should be familiar to most users.
 +Apart from the [[:search:|Search module]], you will also find a small search field above the navigation bar at all time. It provides convenient access to the search module from all pages.
 +===== "Quickjump" searches =====
 +For quick access to various project resources, the quick-search field at the top of every page can be used to enter a [[:TracLinks|wiki link]], which will take you directly to the resource identified by that link.
 +For example:
 +  * ![[:42]] -- Opens change set 42
 +  * !#42 -- Opens ticket number 42
 +  * !{1} -- Opens report 1
 +  * /trunk -- Opens the browser for the `trunk` directory
 +===== Advanced =====
 +==== Disabling Quickjumps ====
 +To disable the quickjump feature for a search keyword - for example when searching for occurences of the literal word TracGuide - begin the query with an exclamation mark (!).
 +==== Search Links ====
 +From the Wiki, it is possible to link to a specific search, using
 +`search:` links:
 +  * `search:?q=crash` will search for the string "crash" 
 +  * `search:?q=trac+link&wiki=on` will search for "trac" and "link" 
 +   in wiki pages only
 +See also: TracGuide, TracLinks, TracQuery
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