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 +====== Using RSS with Trac ======
 +Several of the Trac modules support content syndication using the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) XML format.
 +Using the RSS subscription feature in Trac, you can easily monitor progress of the project, a set of issues or even changes to a single file .
 +Trac supports RSS feeds in:
 +  * TracTimeline --  Use the RSS feed to **subscribe to project events**.\\\
 +Monitor overall project progress in your favorite RSS reader.
 +  * TracTickets,​ TracReports,​ and TracQuery -- Allows syndication of report and ticket query results.\\\
 +Be notified about important and relevant issue tickets.
 +  * TracBrowser and TracRevisionLog -- Syndication of file changes.\\\
 +Stay up to date with changes to a specific file or directory.
 +===== How to access RSS data =====
 +Anywhere in Trac where RSS is available, you should find a small orange **XML** icon, typically placed at the bottom of the page. Clicking the icon will access the RSS feed for that specific resource.
 +**Note:** Different modules provide different data in their RSS feeds. Usually, the syndicated information corresponds to the current view. For example, if you click the RSS link on a report page, the feed will be based on that report. It might be explained by thinking of the RSS feeds as an //alternate view of the data currently displayed//​.
 +===== Links =====
 +  * http://​​tech/​rss -- RSS 2.0 Specification
 +  * http://​​products/​firefox/​ -- Mozilla Firefox supports [[http://​​products/​firefox/​live-bookmarks.html|live bookmarks]] using RSS
 +  * http://​ -- Sage RSS and Atom feed aggregator for Mozilla Firefox
 +  * http://​​users.php -- [[http://​|KDE]] RSS Reader for Linux/​BSD/​*n*x systems
 +  * http://​​ -- Free and powerful RSS Reader for Windows
 +  * http://​​ -- Open source GTK2 RSS Reader for Linux
 +  * http://​​ -- Open source KDE RSS Reader (part of KDE-PIM)
 +  * http://​​ -- A free RSS Reader written in .NET for Windows
 +  * http://​​netnewswire/​ -- An excellent RSS reader for Mac OS X (has both free and pay versions)
 +See also: TracGuide, TracTimeline,​ TracReports,​ TracBrowser
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